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YIRAN ozone flue gas denitrification project is simple and effective, desulfurization and denitrification, low temperature operation, low operating cost, compact structure and mature technology.
YIRAN ozone denitrification project is simple and effective, desulfurization and denitrification, low temperature operation, low operating cost, compact YIRAN ozone denitrification using clean and environmentally friendly ozone as a strong oxidant, NO can be quickly and effectively oxidized to the high valence state. Electron beam method and pulse corona method can produce strong oxidant, such as OH, HO2, etc., but the working environment is bad, the survival time of free radical is very short, and the energy consumption is high. The life cycle of oxygen is relatively long, a small amount of oxygen or air ionized to produce O2, and then sent into the flue gas, can significantly reduce energy consumption. Principle of YIRAN ozone flue gas denitrification: the principle of ozone denitrification is that ozone can oxidize NO which is difficult to dissolve in water to NO2 N2O2 and N2O3 which are easily soluble in water. Advantages of Ozone Desulfurization and denitrification Technology: 
1. Simple and effective: low temperature ozone flue gas is the most simple and effective technology for ozone denitrification. The main component of nitrogen oxides in flue gas is that NO,NO is insoluble in water. When NO comes into contact with ozone, it produces nitrogen oxides with high valence, such as nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen trioxide and dinitrogen pentoxide, and the nitrogen oxides with high valence are soluble in water. The ability to dissolve water is greatly improved, It is easy to remove it from flue gas by spraying alkaline solution. 
2. No ammonia leakage problem: the removal rate of no _ x in ozone denitrification technology can reach 95%, and the efficiency can be maintained at different no _ x concentration ratio. The ozone not reacted with NOx can be removed in scrubber. There is no leakage problem similar to ammonia in SCR. 
(3) Desulfurization and denitrification are carried out at the same time: no additional equipment is added and the environmental protection operation of desulfurization and denitrification is completed at the same time; 
4. Low temperature operation, heat recovery can be carried out first, energy saving and consumption reduction: the operation temperature of the system is low, heat exchange recovery can be done first, then injection of ozone to complete flue gas desulphurization and denitrification; 
5. Accurate delivery, real-time control to reduce operating costs: according to the flue gas nitrogen oxide real-time monitoring, achieve accurate ozone release, reduce power consumption, reduce operating costs; 
6. Low investment in infrastructure construction and low maintenance cost: mature technology, high system efficiency and low equipment investment; 
(7) compact structure and small occupation area; 
8. The mature technology is widely used: the petrochemical industry has taken the lead in the use of ozone denitrification, denitrification program, the application effect is ideal. The technology is mature.
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