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Flue gas denitrification
SCR flue gas denitrification
YIRAN SCR flue gas denitrification using reductant at 300-420 ℃ in catalyst catalytic effect, mature technology, high denitrification efficiency, no secondary pollution and other characteristics.
YIRAN SCR flue gas denitrification (selective catalytic reduction) process is the use of reductant at 300-420 ℃ in the catalytic action of the catalyst. Selective reduction of NOx in flue gas to harmless N _ 2 and H _ 2O, reducing agents can be liquid ammonia, urea and other; YIRAN SCR flue gas denitrification has the advantages of high desulfurization and denitrification rate, low investment, not only can save the cost of investment and operation; It can also obtain high denitrification efficiency by reducing the space occupied by the installation, especially suitable for the denitrification of tail gas of small and medium-sized boilers, natural gas industrial furnaces and natural gas forging furnaces. The YIRANSCR flue gas denitrification technology has the advantages of no by-product, no secondary pollution, simple structure, high removal efficiency, reliable operation and easy maintenance, etc. 
1. The technology is mature and widely used, which is the mainstream technology of denitrification in power plant at present. 
(2) the denitrification efficiency is high, up to 90%; 
3. Little side effect, no secondary pollution.
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