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Flue gas desulfurization
Calcium oxide desulfurization
Calcium method has high desulfurization efficiency, extensive absorbent resources, low price, and the by-products can be used as building materials, economic and environmental protection.
The process of desulphurization by YIRAN calcium oxide method is mainly using limestone slurry to absorb sulfur oxides in flue gas in the absorption tower, and then producing gypsum, which is a by-product of chemical physical reaction. The qualified gypsum products can be extensively used comprehensively. It has remarkable environmental and economic benefits of desulfurization and denitrification. High efficiency of flue gas desulphurization; suitable for high sulfur fuel, especially for large capacity power station boiler; gas treatment absorbent has wide source and low price; by-product gypsum can be used as cement additive or building material. Flue gas desulphurization is widely used and mature in technology. 
Principle of YIRAN calcium oxide desulphurization: 
1. Desulfurization absorbent: low cost limestone and quicklime are used as desulfurizing absorber. Limestone is broken into powder and mixed with water to form absorbent slurry. When lime is used as absorber, Lime powder is digested and made into absorbent slurry; 
2. In the absorption tower, sulfur dioxide in the flue gas and calcium carbonate in the slurry and oxidized air in the drum can be removed by chemical reaction, and the reaction product is gypsum. 
3. Desulphurization flue gas: the flue gas after desulphurization is removed by demister to remove the small droplets, which is heated by heat exchanger and discharged into the chimney. 
4. Recovery of by-products: the desulphurized gypsum slurry can be recovered after dehydration, and the absorbed slurry can be recycled after recovery, and the utilization ratio of desulfurizing absorbent is very high.

Calcium oxide desulfurization

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