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Flue gas desulfurization
Magnesium oxide desulfurization
YIRAN magnesia desulfurization technology is mature, reliable operation, high desulfurization efficiency, low cost, safe, reliable and easy to maintain.

Magnesium oxide powder is used as desulphurization agent in the process of YIRAN desulphurization. Magnesium oxide powder reacts with water to obtain magnesium hydroxide slurry which neutralizes with sulfur dioxide in flue gas to form magnesium sulfite. The by-product magnesium sulfate is produced by aeration and oxidation, and the desulfurization and denitrification meet the environmental standards.

Principle of magnesium desulphurization

Characteristics of magnesia desulphurization process: 
The main results are as follows: 1. The technology of magnesia desulphurization is mature, reliable in operation, no scaling and no blockage, and easy to maintain. 
2. The reaction activity of magnesia desulphurization method is strong, and the desulfurization efficiency can be up to 98%. The chemical reaction activity of magnesia is much higher than that of calcium-based desulfurizer, and the data of magnesia is less than that of calcium carbonate and calcium oxide. So magnesia has a good desulphurization efficiency. 
3. The process system is simple, the investment is low, the occupation area is small: the magnesia method desulphurization has the unique superiority, in the desulphurization absorption tower structure design, the circulation slurry quantity size, the system overall scale, the equipment power is small; The investment cost can be reduced by more than 20%; 
4. The consumption of desulfurizing agent is small, the ratio of liquid to gas is low, and the power consumption is small. 
5. China is rich in magnesium oxide resources, which is more convenient to obtain. Currently, the proven amount of magnesium oxide is 16 billion tons, accounting for about 80 percent of the world. The resources are mainly distributed in Shandong, Liaoning, Hebei, Sichuan and other provinces. Among them, Liaoning Province is particularly rich in magnesium resources, accounting for more than 80% of the total in China, followed by Laizhou in Shandong, Xingtai in Hebei, Ganluo in Sichuan, Hanyuan, Subei in Gansu, Biegai and other places; 
6. Low operating cost: although the price of magnesia is higher than that of calcium oxide, the dosage of removing the same amount of SO2 is 40% of that of calcium carbonate, and the sale of by-products from the magnesia process can offset a large part of the cost. 
7. Reliable operation: magnesia desulphurization method is safe and reliable, the PH value of magnesium desulphurization method is controlled between 6.0-6.5, the equipment corrosion is small.
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