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Flue gas dust removal
Wet electrostatic precipitator
YIRAN wet electrostatic precipitator is mainly used to remove dust, acid fog, water droplets, aerosols and other harmful substances in the wet gas, with high dust removal efficiency.
The dust removal efficiency of YIRAN environmental wet electrostatic precipitator is not affected by dust characteristics, ash composition, specific resistance, water droplet conductivity and charged electricity, which is favorable to dust removal and approaching speed, small equipment selection and high flue gas dust removal efficiency. Main technical advantages of wet electrostatic precipitator: 
The main results are as follows: 1. The system is simple and the running cost is less than the continuous injection of a large amount of alkaline water. 
2. A large amount of water vapor and water molecules can be collected in the flue gas during operation. 
3. The water mist droplets in the wet saturated flue gas can be collected during the operation of the equipment. 
4. Forming continuous water film on the dedusting plate to wash and remove the dust particles; 
5. The collected water can be returned to the desulfurization system, and the water consumption of wet desulfurization can be saved at the same time. 
6. Adopt regular rinse, wash the plate and line every 1 ~ 2 days. 
(7) less water consumption for each washing, the water consumption of 300MW unit is estimated to be less than 10 m per day; 
Flexible layout: advanced flow field distribution technology; small density of corrosion-resistant composite materials, small equipment weight; compact mechanism, flexible layout, with a variety of layout forms
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