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YIRAN natural gas plate-type heat treatment furnace equipment, reasonable price, complete specifications, energy saving, optional denitrification.
As an intermittent variable temperature furnace, the YIRAN hearth furnace is used for steel rolling, castings and forgings because the furnace temperature varies with time according to the specified heating procedure. The furnace temperature of trolley type gas-fired heat treatment furnace is usually 700-1200 ℃. The heat treatment process requires higher furnace temperature precision and furnace temperature uniformity. Features of YIRAN Car-Type Heat treatment Furnace: 
1. The YIRAN car-mounted natural gas heat treatment furnace has a chamber hearth, the bottom of the hearth is a movable trolley, the workpieces are arranged on the special cushion plate uniformly distributed on the trolley surface, and the trolley is pulled into the furnace by a traction mechanism when heated; 
2. After heating, the trolley is pulled out of the furnace by the traction mechanism to discharge the material. According to the arrangement of the combustion chamber or burner, the hearth type heat treatment furnace is divided into side burning type, bottom type and circulating type, etc. 
3. The car-type heat treatment furnace is divided into upper exhaust and lower exhaust according to the smoke exhaust mode. When the upper smoke is discharged from the top of the furnace or from the metal smoke tubes, or is sent out of the plant separately, the furnace bottom of the upper smoke exhaust can be elevated, the heat storage of the masonry body is small, and the temperature rising is fast; Is not limited by the water table, but metal pipes and chimneys are vulnerable to damage, 
4. Gas fuel such as natural gas, liquefied gas and coke oven gas can be used in YIRAN car-type heat treatment furnace. 
5. YIRAN car-type heat treatment furnace adopts regenerative combustion technology, and uses exhaust gas waste heat to preheat air and natural gas, which results in high temperature, fast heating rate and high thermal efficiency in the furnace. 
6. The YIRAN roof-top heat treatment furnace adopts many kinds of sealing methods, the sealing is strict and the heat loss is small. 
Energy-saving measures for Car-Type Heat treatment Furnace: 
1. Optimize the furnace structure; the furnace structure has a great influence on the energy-saving effect. When the production environment permits, the use of the upper flue gas furnace is not only simple in structure, low in manufacturing cost, but also helpful to improve the recovery of waste heat. 
2. Adopt a new type of combustion device; the high speed burner can be used in the heat treatment furnace, compared with the common burner, the furnace temperature can be evenly distributed, the heating speed can be quickened, the overburning of the workpiece can be prevented, and the heating quality can be ensured, and the self-preheating burner can be used in the heat treatment furnace. Heat recovery effect is good and can go to the remarkable energy-saving effect. 
3.Using metal preheater to strengthen the recovery of waste heat of flue gas, from the energy composition of the hearth furnace, it can be seen that the fuel consumption accounts for more than 90% of the total energy consumption, and the electric energy accounts for 8% of the total energy consumption, so the key energy saving of the car-top furnace is the fuel industrial furnace; Reducing the temperature of off-furnace flue gas and reducing the heat loss of flue gas is the main way to save energy. By means of metal preheater, the use of flue gas to preheat air, gas and burden is equivalent to the direct recovery of a part of the heat in the furnace, which is obviously effective in enhancing combustion and saving fuel. With the increase of air preheating temperature, the fuel saving is also increased. 
4. To control the ratio of air to fuel correctly and to control the ratio of fuel to air correctly in the operation of the furnace are the important contents of the rational organization of combustion. Under the condition of ensuring the complete combustion of the fuel, it is very important to control the ratio of the fuel to the air. If the combustion air quantity exceeds the theoretical air quantity, that is to say, the smaller the part of the air coefficient greater than 1, the higher the combustion temperature, the faster the furnace heating speed, and the lower the fuel consumption. 
5. Reduce the heat loss of the furnace wall, the heat loss of the furnace wall includes the loss of heat dissipation and the loss of heat storage, according to the present situation of refractory material production in our country, the ordinary refractory fiber can be generally used as the lining and the furnace wall in the medium and low temperature heat treatment furnaces; High temperature heat treatment furnace uses high-temperature refractory fiber, some use high-strength lightweight refractory brick, or in heavy refractory brick on a layer of high-temperature refractory fiber. 
6. Control furnace pressure; In order to reduce the heat loss, attention should be paid at any time to adjust the normal pressure value of the flue gate in the furnace. The normal pressure value in the furnace is generally zero pressure at the bottom of the furnace, and the control of the pressure in the furnace is not only related to saving fuel. By controlling the pressure distribution in the furnace, the circulation of furnace gas can be intensified and the furnace temperature can be equalized. Furnace pressure measurement points should be placed near the bottom of the furnace bottom level or the bottom of the furnace door opening. To avoid the burner can entrainment of air, but also to avoid in, out of the furnace door gas or intake of cold air.
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