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YIRAN natural gas plate-type tempering furnace, high tempering efficiency, low price, diverse specifications, advanced technology, optional denitrification equipment.
YIRAN natural gas plate-type tempering furnace: specially designed for non-standard natural gas tempering furnace according to user's requirements, the car-type tempering furnace is mainly used for high chromium cast steel and copper bars. Steel castings, auto parts, rolls, steel balls, metal structure parts, welding stress tempering after welding repair and its use tempering, PLC intelligent control, full automatic high precision execution of tempering process, structure composition of trolley type tempering furnace: 
The natural gas trolley type tempering heat treatment furnace mainly includes the furnace body, the weighing trolley and the trolley driving system, the furnace door and the furnace door lifting mechanism, the hot air circulation system, the furnace body and the platform workshop sealing mechanism. Heating elements and fixtures, furnace temperature control system and so on. The YIRAN car type tempering furnace mainly consists of furnace body door lifting and sealing device, furnace car transmission mechanism, electric heating device, temperature control system and so on. The car type tempering furnace adopts compound lining or full fiber heat preservation, and the furnace body and the trolley can reduce the heat convection loss through the self-sealing mechanism, thus realizing the high heat preservation performance of the trolley furnace. The tempering car furnace adopts multi-zone heating and the stainless steel heat circulating fan is installed on the top of the furnace. The hot air is circulated at high speed and the temperature of the furnace is uniform. Characteristics of trolley type tempering equipment: 
The main results are as follows: 1. The car type tempering furnace uses clean energy natural gas as heating energy. 
2. Regenerative burner, regenerative combustion realizes pulse combustion, reclaim the waste heat of exhaust smoke, the temperature of furnace is even and stable, the energy consumption is low; 
3. Furnace lining adopts high aluminum fiber module structure, seamless, adiabatic sealing; 
4. The furnace door is opened by electric hoist up and down, and the spring lever principle is used to press and seal the junction.
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