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Annealing furnace
Stress relief annealing furnace
YIRAN natural gas de-stress annealing furnace, effectively remove residual internal stress, complete specifications, reasonable technology, low price, optional denitrification.
YIRAN stress relief annealing furnace: it can be used to remove residual stress in castings, forgings, welds, cold stamping parts and machined parts, and reduce the deformation and crack tendency of parts in the process of cutting and using. The heat treatment furnace for stress relief annealing can heat the workpiece to a certain temperature and cool it after holding for a certain period of time, so as to restore the workpiece and remove the residual internal stress of the workpiece. Stress-relieving annealing furnace is suitable for rough parts and machined parts, which can eliminate the residual stress in the blank parts and parts, stabilize the size and shape of the workpiece, and reduce the deformation and crack tendency of the parts in the process of cutting and using. 
The main results are as follows: 1. The shell of the annealing furnace is made of section steel and steel plate, which can be used to design the annealing furnace with specific specifications and parameters according to the different annealing temperature. 
2. Stress-relieving cart-type annealing furnace has precise furnace structure and strict manufacturing process of insulation layer. The automatic PLC microcomputer process automatically controls the heating speed and holding time of annealing furnace. The precision of temperature control reaches ±1 ℃, and the furnace temperature is uniform and stable. 
3.According to the different annealing temperature, the annealing furnace with different working temperature can be designed and manufactured. 
4. The furnace structure is compact, the manufacturing technology of insulation layer is strict, high standard heating element is adopted, P and automatic temperature control system is adopted, the furnace temperature is even.
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