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YIRAN natural gas regenerative heating furnace equipment, regenerative combustion technology, complete model specifications, program science, affordable, denitrification.
The YIRAN regenerative heating furnace adopts the wall regenerative combustion technology. The regenerative heat exchanger improves the heating efficiency, increases the production efficiency and reduces the energy consumption. The consumption per ton is only 35-60 square meters. Working principle of regenerative forging furnace: 
1. The regenerative heating furnace sends the combustion-supporting air and natural gas through the commutating system to the respective regenerative burners through their respective gas pipes, and flows through their respective regenerators. The air and natural gas can be preheated to above 950 ℃ respectively. Spray into the furnace through their respective vents; 
2. The internal workpieces of high temperature flame furnace are produced after combustion of regenerative natural gas furnace, and the temperature of flame is 400 ℃ 500 ℃ higher than that of non-regenerative furnace. 
3. The regenerative forging furnace absorbs the waste heat: the high temperature flue gas carries on the heat exchange in the regenerative chamber, after transferring most of the waste heat to the regenerator, it enters the commutation mechanism at about 100 ℃, and then discharges into the atmosphere through the smoke exhaust system, which saves energy by 30% and 50% compared with the temperature of the conventional heating furnace. 
4, the PLC control system sends out the instruction, the gas flow commutates in the regenerative reheating furnace; 
5. After changing direction, air and natural gas are ejected from the right nozzle and mixed, and the left nozzle is a flue. Under the action of the smoke exhauster, the high-temperature flue gas is discharged through the heat storage body, and a commutation cycle is completed. 
Structure of regenerative reheating furnace: 
1. The furnace body of regenerative reheating furnace is made up of steel plate and section steel, bottom steel structure, furnace two sides steel structure, charging end steel structure, furnace top steel structure. The masonry of reheating furnace is constructed with castable as a whole, the top of the furnace is hung with a flat-top hanging structure, and the anchoring bricks are hung on the steel structure of the furnace roof with anchoring hooks. The furnace area is provided with a platform, and a ladder and a railing are arranged between the platforms. 
2. The mechanical equipment of regenerative reheating furnace mainly includes: charging door, charging roller table, pusher, stepping machine, discharging roller and discharging door; 
3. Heating system and combustion system: the regenerative combustion system provides heat through the air regenerative burner and the natural gas regenerative burner, preheats the combustion-supporting air and natural gas respectively and injects them into the furnace. The regenerative combustion system is composed of an air-natural gas regenerative chamber, a reversing system and a control unit, and a side-by-side distributed commutating system is used to commutate the air and natural gas regenerative nozzles. The YIRAN distributed commutation system can effectively solve the problem of centralized commutating mode, reduce the length and volume of pipeline between commutating valve and burner, save natural gas consumption, and so on. The invention solves the problems of too many pipelines, too many equipments, too many fault points and too little maintenance space in the fully dispersed commutation mode; the system is simple and reliable, the equipment failure points are few, the pipes are beautiful and generous, and the maintenance space is spacious. 
4. PLC intelligent control system: the PLC intelligent control commutating system, when the commutating system is in the automatic running state, the commutating valve completes the reversing action with a certain time interval; when the exhaust gas temperature is too high, the system will force the reversing valve to commutate. When the exhaust gas temperature falls to the set temperature range and the system is in a manual state, manual reversing can be carried out on the touch screen, over-temperature alarm, abnormal action alarm and so on. 
5. Furnace area control system: the automatic control system used in regenerative reheating furnace includes the control setting of each equipment and the sequential interlock control of all equipments, which can be controlled automatically: 1) the automatic control of each section of furnace area, which can be adjusted by reasonable air-fuel ratio; To measure and detect the flow of air and natural gas in each section; (2) to alarm all kinds of dangerous conditions; (3) to control automatically the vaporized cooling system; (4) the flow chart of the real system of microcomputer monitoring software; (4) the flow chart of computer monitoring software display system and the control of trend chart.
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