YIRAN production of natural gas industrial furnace, desulfurization and denitrification project!
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Hot blast stove
Natural gas hot blast stove
YIRAN natural gas hot blast furnace equipment, high hot air efficiency, energy saving, complete specifications, advanced technology, can be matching denitrification.
Natural gas hot blast stove: YIRAN environmental protection specialized manufacture, uses the advanced technology, imports the high quality material, the production natural gas hot blast stove performance is superior, the high efficiency energy conservation, the advanced technology, the consummation hot blast stove after-sales service system, deeply the general user's praise. Trustworthy! Hot stove equipment can be customized according to your needs. Advantages of Natural Gas Hot-blast stoves: 
1. High efficiency of natural gas hot-blast stove: compared with coal-fired hot-blast stove, YIRAN natural gas hot-blast stove has higher thermal efficiency and saves fuel cost, which can help enterprises to improve work efficiency and reduce industrial cost; 
2. The pollution of natural gas hot-blast stove is small, the pollutant produced by natural gas combustion is much less than that produced by coal combustion, and the natural gas hot-blast stove does not need coal storage land, so the land is saved. Natural gas combustion mainly produces water and carbon dioxide, which is convenient for waste gas treatment, while coal-fired furnace needs a series of processes such as desulfurization and purification to discharge safely. A large amount of smoke and dust will be produced in the operation of coal-fired hot blast furnace, which will cause great pollution to the environment. As a clean energy, natural gas will greatly improve the environment. Therefore, the gas-fired hot air stove has more advantages than the traditional coal-fired hot air stove. The use of natural gas hot stove is safe and convenient, but also can improve air quality, give you a fresh living environment. 
3.The laying of natural gas pipeline and the convenience of raw material supply. At present, the major cities are vigorously promoting the laying of natural gas supply pipeline, the supply of natural gas pipeline will become the mainstream. Compared to transporting coal by car, pipeline transportation of natural gas is safer, cleaner, more environmentally friendly and more efficient. 
4. Saving water for auxiliary production of hot blast stove: natural gas hot air stove can effectively save water for auxiliary production of hot blast stove. In addition to normal production water, the traditional coal-fired air furnace also needs auxiliary water for dust removal, slag removal, dust prevention, and so on. 
5, the labor intensity is low, reduce the staff: the natural gas hot air stove compares the traditional coal burning hot air stove auxiliary equipment to be few, needs the staff to be few, the burden wages and the welfare expense is small. High-intensity physical labor is required in the process of coal fuel transportation and slag removal in coal-fired hot air stove, while the labor intensity of hot air stove staff is lower. 
6. Flexible layout and low power consumption: natural gas hot air stove room is flexible in layout, small in area and low in noise. Gas hot blast stove saves electricity cost, less fuel transportation and other auxiliary equipment, small power, continuous operation time end, cost saving. 
YIRAN natural gas hot blast furnace is mainly used in the following industries: 
1. Drying of grain, fodder, cereal and aquatic products, tobacco leaves and tea leaves; 
2. Drying process of bread and biscuit in video industry; 
3. Heat setting, baking and hot air stretching in textile industry; 
4. Heating and baking in coating industry, such as printing iron coating drying room, tunnel, hanging drying room, etc. 
5. Spray drying or conveyor belt drying of chemical materials, chemicals, animal and vegetable fats and oils, etc. 
6. Hot pressing and drying of wood and building materials; 
7. Drying of papermaking industry, processing of corrugated paper, drying and molding of thermal insulation materials; 
8. Heating in industrial and mining enterprises;
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