YIRAN production of natural gas industrial furnace, desulfurization and denitrification project!
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YIRAN natural gas rolling furnace equipment, rolling good quality, complete specifications, advanced technology, low energy prices, can be matched denitrification.
YIRAN natural gas rolling furnace has the advantages of energy-saving furnace structure, high thermal efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction, low operating cost, advanced technology, high degree of automation, good environmental protection, strong adaptability, modular free design and so on. The natural gas rolling furnace has the following product advantages: 
1. The structure of the furnace is reasonable: the furnace structure of the natural gas rolling furnace is more reasonable after continuous research and development, the furnace temperature is even and stable, the billet is heated on all sides, the heating speed is fast, the billet stays in the furnace at the end of the time, and the oxidation loss of the billet is effectively reduced. The utility model has the advantages of flexible operation, large production capacity and no arch furnace, which is convenient for the production coordination of the hot charging of continuous casting slabs. The furnace space is suitable, the airtightness is good, the furnace temperature and pressure are stable, and the heat loss of the furnace is small; 
2. High thermal efficiency, energy saving: the natural gas hot rolling furnace adopts the wall regenerative combustion mode, the exhaust gas waste heat recovery system, the exhaust gas temperature is low, the heat loss is small, the thermal efficiency is high, and the furnace temperature is more uniform; The heating quality is improved and the rolling efficiency is high because the furnace temperature is not too high or too low. 
3. Save energy and reduce consumption, reduce the operating cost, save more energy and reduce the operating cost of the users; 
4. The technology is advanced, the automation degree is high, the natural gas rolling reheating furnace realizes the intelligent control through the monitoring, can operate the production in the PLC console button; 
5. The environmental protection is good, the pollution is eliminated, the workpieces are finished in the hot-rolled steel bar equipment from feeding to heating, the workpieces will not be exposed in a large area, the waste gas and waste water will not be produced in this operation process, and the pollution of the environment will be eliminated. 
6. Strong adaptability, modularized free design: steel rolling reheating furnace adopts modularized design, flexible configuration, different feeding forms can be designed according to market needs, different schemes can be designed according to different needs of users; 
Technical Features of YIRAN heating Furnace for Natural Gas Steel Rolling and forging. 
1. The reheating furnace of steel rolling adopts the device of measuring the temperature of metal work piece automatically, and it does not need to participate in the temperature measurement manually. 
2. Steel rolling reheating furnace adopts PLC centralized control system, intelligent optoelectronic positioning, strong anti-interference, equipment fault abnormal that stop alarm; 
3. The regenerative reheating furnace of steel rolling adopts liquid crystal display, the operation instruction is clear at a glance, the menu operation section is extremely simple and convenient; 
4. The new indicating display device, which can adjust the metering size when the machine is running, is simple and convenient to operate.
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