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YIRAN natural gas chemical distillation furnace equipment, distillation precision, complete specifications, advanced technology, desulfurization and denitrification.
YIRAN natural gas chemical distillation furnace adopts regenerative combustion technology with high utilization rate of heat energy and high distillation efficiency, visual operation mode, simple operation, intelligent PLC control system and high precision of temperature control. The natural gas chemical distillation furnace not only reduces the fiber content in the distillation furnace as much as possible, but also fully considers the distillation of the fermentation broth of the solid substance, which is easy to maintain; the investment is small, the site occupied is small, the equipment used is small, and the equipment maintenance is simple. The heating furnace equipment is safe and convenient to operate. How to prolong the Service Life of Chemical Distillation Furnace: 
1. Strictly control the brickwork quality of the chemical distillation furnace to ensure the quality of all kinds of refractories; 
2. Control of the temperature rising at the beginning of the furnace: the YIRAN chemical distillation furnace heats up uniformly and stably, and the temperature difference in each part of the combustion chamber is small, which effectively changes the expansion, deformity, crack or fracture of the furnace body caused by the excessive temperature of the furnace; 
3. Daily maintenance of the furnace body: the top brick and the two sides of the combustion chamber must be treated regularly during the operation of the chemical distillation furnace; the tank wall scars must be treated regularly. After gunning the leaking position of the tank, a certain scar will be formed. If the leak position is leaked again, it will not be as small as the last time, because of the existence of a knot of scars will be strung into several points; clean the bottom of the combustion chamber impurities in a timely manner. The impurities at the bottom of the combustion chamber must be cleaned every time. If the cleaning is not clean, the time will not only accumulate more and more, but also become harder and harder until it can not be removed. Note the operating time and temperature changes. Whether it is to pick impurities, repair furnace or play a knot, the operation time is not too long, to avoid too much temperature drop, reduce the temperature changes on the furnace body of the blow. In addition, the operation should pay attention not to open the door too much, too large; improve the quality of the furnace and the rate of the first bonding. High quality can reduce the number of tank leakage, to improve the quality of the furnace, the furnace must be done: accurate, fast, good, and save. Accurate is to find the right, fast is to stretch fast, good is the quality of the furnace to be good, save is to save the use of mortar; reasonable control of the pressure inside the tank. 
4. Controlling the air supply in the lower part: if the supply air is too small, the output of zinc will be affected. If the supply air is too large, not only the furnace gas will be diluted, but also the oxidizing atmosphere will appear in the tank. The impurity metals such as Fe and Cu in the charge of the furnace will be oxidized to low valence metal oxides. These oxides react with the tank and cause corrosion. 
5. Controlling the feeding and discharging to ensure the stability of the discharging in the tank: if the feeding is uneven and the local cutting is quick, the local abrasion of the furnace charge on the tank body will be aggravated. The quick charge reacts inadequately, the hardness of the ore ball is high, and the wear of the tank body is aggravated. Therefore, the feeding and discharging should be controlled to ensure the stability of the discharge in the tank. 
6. Reduce or avoid the effect of external mechanical force: when the external mechanical force is applied to the hanging ore, the hanging part will shake the tank and the scar on the mouth of the tank will produce shock to the tank. Such vibration and impact will directly lead to tank leakage damage.
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