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Hot-dip galvanizing furnace
Natural gas hot-dip galvanizing furnace
YIRAN natural gas hot dip galvanizing equipment, high galvanizing efficiency, complete specifications, energy saving, matching denitrification, advanced technology
Shandong YIRAN natural gas hot-dip galvanizing furnace can make the surface of workpieces uniformly attached to zinc coating, so as to achieve the purpose of anticorrosion, high galvanizing efficiency, low zinc consumption and low energy consumption. The natural gas hot-dip galvanizing furnace has effectively solved the problems of long-term heating of zinc pot, such as easy deformation, unstable temperature of zinc bath, inconvenient maintenance of zinc pot, unclear actual operating state of furnace, unclear actual control temperature of furnace, different depth temperature of zinc bath. I don't know. Some of the thorny issues in the industry, It adopts advanced combustion control technology and automatic PLC control technology at home and abroad. The whole structure of hot-dip galvanizing furnace adopts steel structure. It has the characteristics of high dimensional accuracy, no maintenance, fast construction and long service life. 
YIRAN natural gas hot-dip galvanizing furnace is characterized by energy saving, environmental protection, high precision of temperature control, simple operation, long service life, safety and reliability. It has the following characteristics: 
1. High-speed regenerative pulse combustion system: the combustion system of natural gas hot-dip galvanizing furnace adopts the plan that both ends are arranged diagonally and heating evenly. The combustion system is equipped with several high-speed gas regenerative burners, and the maximum flame temperature and exit velocity can reach 150m/s. The burners adopt the pulsating mode of on and off alternately to control the temperature. Pulsating combustion technology adjusts furnace fuel consumption by changing the frequency at which the burner is on and off, so that each burner is burned in an optimal combustion state with a complete, outlet gas flow rate of up to 150m / s The temperature rapidly circulates in an instant. The heat will be rapidly transferred to every point of the zinc boiler to achieve uniform geothermal transfer, avoiding the emergence of local high temperature, radiating evenly around the outer wall of the zinc pot, avoiding excessive erosion of the zinc pot wall caused by the local high temperature of the zinc pot. It not only increases the heating efficiency of the combustion system, but also effectively prolongs the service life of the zinc pot, and greatly improves the uniformity of the zinc liquid temperature in the zinc pot. 
2. PLC intelligent combustion control system: the natural gas hot-dip galvanizing furnace adopts high-speed pulse flame burner and automatic PLC control. The comprehensive performance of the system from the aspects of safety, performance, energy saving and environmental protection reaches the advanced level at home and abroad. 
3. High efficiency of zinc boiler in natural gas hot-dip galvanizing furnace: high speed gas burner has good working capacity of excess air, complete combustion, less air needed, avoiding bringing in a large amount of air to lower the temperature of zinc boiler; The thermal efficiency is 15-20% higher than that of ordinary flat-flame combustion system, and the operation cost is saved. 
(4) Safety and reliability: complete control valve and safety control device, high temperature control precision, interlock safety control, over temperature protection, etc. The combustion system is equipped with air / natural gas proportional valve; Ensure that the high speed burner can maintain the best air / natural gas ratio, achieve clean combustion and improve fuel utilization rate, no matter in the state of fire or small fire. In the whole production cycle, the temperature of zinc liquid in the zinc pot and the temperature of the furnace are taken as the detection points to carry out the closed loop control of the whole process. The furnace temperature and liquid zinc temperature can be automatically adjusted and controlled. 
5. PLC combustion and temperature control system: the control system is mainly composed of combustion safety control device and programmable controller (PLC), and equipped with dynamic man-machine interface to facilitate user operation.
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