YIRAN production of natural gas industrial furnace, desulfurization and denitrification project!
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Tempering furnace
Natural gas tempering furnace
YIRAN natural gas tempering furnace, all fiber structure, complete specifications, reasonable technology, low price, can form a complete set of denitrification equipment.
YIRAN natural gas tempering furnace: flexible customization according to user demand, can be used for aluminum alloy, die casting, aluminum plate and other alloy parts of the tempering heat treatment process. The shell of natural gas tempering furnace is welded by section steel and steel plate. Through the soft contact with the lining to drink sand sealing mechanism, reducing the heat radiation of the furnace body drink convection loss, good tightness, welcome to inquire! Structure Features of Natural Gas tempering Heat treatment Furnace. 
1. Lining: the natural gas tempering furnace body part uses the whole fiber, the fiber according to the furnace chamber size custom-made module, compresses the fiber into the block to carry on the scene to build the cotton, in the trolley pressure withstanding part uses the high aluminum brick masonry, the lower part all has the insulation brick to keep warm. 
2. Furnace door: the rise and fall of natural gas tempering furnace door is realized by roller rolling up and down the guideway, and sealed by advanced spring pressing device, which ensures the anastomosis and sealing between furnace door fiber and furnace body fiber when the furnace door is closed. At the same time, it ensures that the fibers will not be damaged by friction in the process of opening and closing. 
3. The power of the furnace door and the trolley is provided by the electric motor and has the controllable function; 
4. Interlocking control is adopted in each active mechanism of YIRAN natural gas tempering furnace, which can effectively prevent accidents caused by misoperation. 
5. A pressure and high temperature cast steel bottom plate is installed on the natural gas trolley type tempering furnace to support the workpiece. 
6. PLC intelligent control furnace temperature, multi-zone temperature control, furnace temperature control system uses advanced intelligent temperature controller to realize furnace temperature control and furnace temperature control, the system has advanced intelligent control algorithm, with self-tuning, self-adaptive functions; Temperature control and furnace temperature display at the same time;
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