YIRAN production of natural gas industrial furnace, desulfurization and denitrification project!
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Annealing furnace
Natural gas annealing furnace
YIRAN natural gas annealing furnace, high efficiency, reasonable technology, complete specifications, energy saving, optional denitrification equipment.
YIRAN natural gas annealing furnace adopts regenerative combustion technology, flue gas waste heat recovery technology, PLC automatic control, all-fiber lining, air preheating device, etc., which can slowly heat the metal to a certain temperature and keep it for a long time. Then with the suitable temperature cooling, the natural gas annealing heat treatment furnace can effectively reduce the metal hardness, improve the machinability, eliminate the residual internal stress, stabilize the size, reduce the deformation and the crack tendency, refine the grain, adjust the structure, eliminate the microstructure flaw. The YIRAN natural gas annealing furnace has the following technical features: 
1. The natural gas annealing furnace chooses the high quality furnace lining, the lining structure is tight, the volume is small, the weight is light, the adiabatic is good, the heat storage loss is small, the heating rate is quick, the furnace body loses less heat, saves the energy consumption. The fiber and cotton are compressed into a square folded package, which is fixed on the furnace top and the furnace wall with the stainless steel riveting firmware. 
2.Strengthening the sealing between the furnace door, trolley and furnace body, greatly reducing the heat loss. The upper end of the guide rail is fixed on the crossbeam of the door frame, and the lower end is connected with two electric push rods. Fiber cotton blankets are affixed around the furnace door and the furnace panel. When the electric push rod pulls the guide rail, the guide rail compacts the furnace door. The utility model makes the furnace door and the furnace panel connect tightly, without any gap, and has good sealing property. 
3. The natural gas trolley annealing furnace adopts the soft sealing structure of electric push rod pressing refractory fiber blanket, which makes the sealing between the trolley and the furnace body tight and reduces the heat loss greatly. 
4. Adopt the pulse type high speed burner: the flame of the burner can be spewed out at a very fast speed at its exit, which produces strong stirring effect in the furnace chamber, makes the temperature in the furnace keep uniform all the time, at the same time, the burner in the furnace distributes evenly at the same time; And through the PLC intelligent control system to control the orderly from small fire to big fire, so that the furnace temperature is uniform and energy saving, the temperature of each part of the furnace and the combustion of each burner, in the main picture of the computer glance. 
5. Adopt air-fuel proportional valve to control the ratio of natural gas to air automatically, make the natural gas burn fully, save energy and reduce the emission of polluted gas; 
6. The outlet of the flue is behind the deer, and a firebrick wall is built in front of the flue to reduce the heat discharge in the furnace. 
7. Utilize the waste heat of flue gas to preheat combustion supporting air, reduce the consumption of natural gas and save energy by more than 20%; 
The automatic control system of natural gas annealing furnace has the following characteristics: 
1. The front side of the furnace is provided with a control box, which can manually control the opening, closing, loosening and pressing of the furnace door, and the pressing and loosening of the sealing mechanism in and out of the trolley; 
2. Each burner is equipped with a ignition control box, which can be ignited manually when the furnace is started, and the hand valve on the natural gas and air pipes is used to adjust the appropriate situation of the flame knife, which is then automatically controlled by a flame monitor and a PLC and a computer; 
3. There are power supply cabinet, distribution cabinet, PLC cabinet, industrial computer, LCD screen and printer in the control room behind the furnace. 
4. A combustion-supporting fan and a flue induced fan are arranged on the distribution cabinet for starting, stopping buttons and operation failure indicator lights; 
5. There are two liquid crystal temperature control meters on the PLC automatic control cabinet, respectively, to automatically control the temperature of two areas in the furnace, and a hand operating device. Setting the opening degree of the electric butterfly valve in the flue, four pieces of digital display meters show the flow and consumption of the gas main pipe, the combustion air pipe, the pressure in the furnace and the working state of the gas respectively;
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