YIRAN production of natural gas industrial furnace, desulfurization and denitrification project!
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Normalizing furnace
Natural gas normalizing furnace
YIRAN natural gas normalizing furnace equipment, can improve the toughness of steel plate, reasonable program, complete specifications, energy saving, denitrification.
YIRAN natural gas isothermal normalizing furnace: widely used in the isothermal normalizing treatment of precision forging gear blanks and metal parts of automobiles and motorcycles, which can effectively control the gear blank quality of transmission gears and shafts. So as to improve the machinability and heat treatment deformation stability. After isothermal normalizing treatment, uniform distribution of microstructure, hardness and good machinability of gear forging billets can be obtained, and pearlite and ferrite with 5 to 8 grades of grain size can be obtained. Small hardness dispersion, The machinability is good, Carburizing and quenching deformation is small and so on. The isothermal normalizing furnace has the following characteristics: 
1. The normalizing process of natural gas normalizing furnace is faster than that of annealing, so the normalizing structure is finer than that of annealing, and its mechanical properties are also improved. The normalizing furnace cooling does not occupy the equipment, the productivity is high, therefore normalizing is used instead of annealing as far as possible in the production. For the important forgings with complex properties, high temperature tempering (550 ~ 650 ℃) after normalizing is necessary in order to eliminate the stress caused by normalizing cooling and improve toughness and plasticity. 
2. The isothermal natural gas heat treatment furnace includes three process zones: heating and austenite homogenization stage; intermediate cooling stage (from austenitizing temperature cooling to isothermal treatment temperature); isothermal treatment stage and air cooling stage. 
3. The soft sealing structure of electric push rod pressing refractory fiber blanket is adopted in the natural gas cart-type heat treatment furnace, which makes the sealing between the trolley and the furnace body tight and reduces the heat loss greatly.
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