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Continuous heating furnace for die steel
YIRAN natural gas die steel continuous heating furnace, reasonable technology, complete specifications, high efficiency, can be matched with denitrification equipment.
The continuous heating furnace of YIRAN natural gas die steel is used to manufacture die steel such as cold die and hot forging die. The heating quality of the workpiece directly affects the quality of the die steel pressure processing technology, the precision output and the production cost of the die steel. Besides the reasonable structure design and machining precision, the heat treatment of die material is very important for the quality and service life. YIRAN continuous heating furnace for natural gas die steel: 
The continuous reheating furnace of die steel is a common furnace used in the rolling workshop of die steel. The billet is loaded by the tail of the furnace and discharged from the other end after heating. The continuous reheating furnace for die steel and forging furnace for billets are continuously moved forward along the sliding chute of the bottom of the furnace by the thrust of the pusher; for the continuous heating furnace for the mechanized hearth, the billet is constantly moving forward in the furnace by means of the transmission machinery at the bottom of the furnace. Combustion generated furnace gas is generally heated to the green flow to the furnace tail, that is, countercurrent flow. When the billet is moved to the discharge end, it is heated to the required temperature, and then out of the furnace through the discharge port, and then sent to the rolling mill along the roller table. 
The work of continuous reheating furnace for die and mould steel is continuous. The billet is continuously added and discharged after heating. Under the stable working condition of the furnace, the temperature of each point in the furnace can be regarded as not changing with it, which belongs to the steady state temperature field. The heat transfer in the furnace can be approximately treated as steady state heat transfer, and the internal heat conduction in the metal can be classified as unstable state heat conduction.
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