YIRAN production of natural gas industrial furnace, desulfurization and denitrification project!
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YIRAN natural gas heating furnace equipment, pulse dispersion combustion, advanced technology, optional denitrification, affordable, complete specifications.
The natural gas heating furnace adopts the regenerative combustion mode, the flue gas waste heat recovery system can preheat the combustion-supporting air, the heat recovery efficiency is high, can save energy more than 50%, at the same time, the reduction of the natural gas consumption directly reduces the flue gas generation quantity; Reduce environmental pollution. YIRAN natural gas heating furnace has the following characteristics: 
1. High efficiency of energy saving and environmental protection: YIRAN natural gas forging heating furnace preheating air, high heat energy conversion rate, saving natural gas consumption; high preheating temperature can increase combustion flame temperature, increase flame radiation heat transfer effect, and further enhance thermal radiation; Improve the heating efficiency of the workpiece, thereby increasing the production output; 
2. The temperature of exhaust gas is low: the temperature of exhaust gas is an important factor that affects the thermal efficiency of the furnace. Most of the heat in the furnace without waste heat recovery from the flue gas is discharged with the flue gas. The higher the furnace temperature is, the higher the exhaust gas temperature is, and the greater the heat loss is. The waste heat recovery technology used in YIRAN natural gas regenerative heating furnace can reduce the temperature of exhaust gas to below 100 ℃ and recover a large amount of waste heat, thus greatly improving the thermal efficiency of the furnace. At the same time, smoke extraction equipment can also be simplified, can remove up to the chimney, smoke exhaust pipe can use ordinary materials. 
3. The regenerative burner of natural gas heating furnace has the characteristics of high speed burner. The high speed burner has a combustion chamber, the combustion process is basically completed in the combustion chamber, and then the combustion products are ejected at high speed. 
4. Natural gas reheating furnace adopts regenerative combustion technology, exhaust gas waste heat recovery technology and pulse dispersion combustion technology to save energy and protect environment. It is widely used in iron and steel, machinery, forging, fittings processing plants and other industries. As the "heart" of the fuel furnace, the regenerative burner of the natural gas heating furnace is directly related to the production output, heating quality and combustion energy consumption of the workpiece. Due to the different thermal properties required by various industrial furnaces, it is difficult for the same burner to be applied to various industrial gas burners. In addition, different enterprises have different situations, which leads to the coexistence of various burners. The relatively advanced combustion devices are high-speed burner, flat-flame burner, self-preheating burner and so on, while the relatively backward low-pressure eddy current burner, sleeve burner and so on still exist in some enterprises.
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