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Gas trolley furnace
Natural gas trolley furnace
YIRAN natural gas car furnace equipment, various models and specifications, advanced program technology, low price, optional denitrification.
The YIRAN natural gas hearth furnace is suitable for heating and heat treatment of various types of workpieces because of its large loading capacity and high productivity, and the hearth lining of the hearth furnace adopts the whole fiber structure with good thermal insulation performance, low heat loss and low energy consumption. Regenerative combustion technology, flue gas waste heat recovery technology, high efficiency of energy saving and environmental protection, PLC intelligent control of furnace temperature, even furnace temperature, uniform heating of workpiece, safe interlock device, can avoid failure and accident caused by misoperation; The furnace temperature of the gas-fired trolley furnace is high, the furnace temperature can reach more than 1200 ℃, and the furnace is heated by combustion. 
Features of Natural Gas Car-mounted Furnace: 
The main results are as follows: 1. The furnace body foundation of natural gas high temperature trolley furnace: uniformly distributed load design, adopting reinforced concrete monolithic structure, made of reinforced bar and heat-resistant concrete; 
2. Furnace body steel structure: uniform load design, reinforced concrete monolithic structure, made of reinforced bar and heat-resistant concrete; 
3. Lining: flat top castable structure, high temperature resistant castable, with the characteristics of high fire resistance, good thermal shock stability, good flame erosion resistance, good surface shedding and long service life; 3. Furnace lining: flat top castable structure, high temperature resistant castable, good thermal shock resistance, good flame erosion resistance and long service life. The insulating layer is composed of refractory fiber felt and lightweight castable, which can effectively prevent the loss of heat and save energy. 
4. Furnace door and furnace door lifting mechanism: the trolley forging furnace is an intermittent operation mode, the furnace door needs to be opened and closed frequently when it is normally used, because the temperature in the hearth of the natural gas hearth furnace is higher, and the temperature outside the furnace is normal temperature; The furnace door is affected by the alternation of heat and cold, and it is easy to cause the deformation of the furnace door because of the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction. The YIRAN natural gas hearth furnace can effectively avoid the heat resistant material inside the furnace door from passing the high temperature directly to the outside steel structure, the overall rigidity of the furnace door is high, and the ability of resisting heat deformation is improved, the stress at all points of the furnace door is uniform, and the sealing property of the furnace door is good. Reduce the loss of heat, prolong the service life of the furnace door. The limit of refractory location of the furnace door and the friction between the castables at the furnace door are small, which reduces the wear of refractory fiber and prolongs the service life of the furnace door. 
5. Trolley and trolley traction mechanism: the trolley is constructed with heavy duty and heavy load and high temperature, the use condition is relatively bad, it is easy to produce deformation and burn out the frame; YIRAN environmental protection natural gas hearth furnace is effective to overcome the frame to be affected by high temperature and easy to deform through various kinds of dismay. Short service life and frame burn and other shortcomings; 
6. Sealing system: the sealing of trolley heating furnace includes side sealing and rear sealing; 
7. Furnace top combustion device: pulse high air temperature combustion, dispersion combustion mode, in the combustion area, the temperature distribution is uniform, avoiding the appearance of local high temperature, significantly improving the heating quality and effectively reducing the oxidation loss rate; By recovering the heat of flue gas and preheating the combustion-supporting air, the thermal efficiency of the whole furnace is improved, which has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and uniform furnace temperature, compared with the conventional way. 
8. Gas system: the fuel gas enters into the burner through the pressure regulating valve, Flowmeter, nozzle gas quick cutting valve and ball valve on the platform, and injects from the gas nozzle into the low oxygen region which is formed by the high temperature air jet ejecting from the high speed. 
9. Combustion-supporting air system: the combustion-supporting air from fan is sent to the air regenerative chamber before the burner by starting the quick directional valve group, and the combustion-supporting air is preheated from room temperature to near the furnace temperature through the air regenerative chamber, and is injected out at high speed and mixed with gas at the same time; 
10. Smoke exhaust system: the high temperature flue gas produced by combustion is reduced below 150 ℃ by the exhaust smoke waste heat recovery system, and then pumped out by the high temperature induced fan, and sent into the atmosphere through a vertical smoke pipe, thus improving the overall thermal efficiency of the furnace. Thus, the energy consumption is obviously reduced. 
11. Regenerative combustion and control system: PLC intelligent control furnace temperature and other indicators, accurate control, high production efficiency.
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