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YIRAN natural gas roller hearth heat treatment furnace equipment, high production efficiency. Low price, complete specifications, advanced technology, denitrification.
The YIRAN natural gas roller hearth furnace adopts regenerative burner, radiant tube double heating, ON/OFF pulse control and forced smoke exhaust by induced fan ejection. The roller hearth furnace body and related parts are designed by air tightness. The inlet and outlet of the roller hearth heat treatment furnace are provided with a sealing property, two heat resistant steel sealing curtains and a high pressure nitrogen gas sealing device, which can realize non oxidation heating of the steel plate and ensure the surface quality of the steel plate after heat treatment. Main structure of roller-hearth gas-fired heat treatment furnace. 
1. Roller hearth furnace body: the natural gas roller hearth furnace consists of furnace body steel structure, furnace building material and operation platform. The steel structure of the furnace body is a precast segmented structure, each section structure is welded together by standard section steel and steel plate, the gas tightness welding, the steel structure of the furnace body also includes the support and sealing parts of the furnace roller and burner. There are operation and maintenance platforms on both sides of the roller hearth heat treatment furnace and on the top of the furnace; the top and the side wall above the furnace roller are made of light structure such as ceramic fiber modular fiber blanket, which can make the roller hearth heat treatment furnace have less thermal inertia. Clay brick, insulation brick and insulation blanket are used in the bottom of the furnace and the side wall below the furnace roll, which have both heat preservation and certain strength. 
2. Furnace roller: natural gas roller hearth furnace roller can not only bear the weight of steel plate under blast furnace temperature, but also bear the corresponding thermal stress and mechanical stress impact. Each furnace roll is driven by a variable frequency motor via reducer and intermediate coupling, which can be controlled separately. 
3. Combustion system: the combustion system of natural gas roller hearth furnace is composed of combustion-supporting fan, gas valve station, gas pipeline, burner and radiant tube, etc. The combustion system is segmented to form a long flame, which ensures the temperature uniformity along the length direction of radiant tube. 
4. Smoke exhaust system: the smoke exhaust system is composed of induced draft fan, exhaust pipe, etc., which can recover the waste heat of exhaust smoke, reduce the temperature of exhaust gas and save energy consumption. 
5. Control system: the thermal control system and drive control system of natural gas roller hearth furnace include heat treatment furnace and its automatic and control unit of feeding and discharging roller. The computer control system allows centralized operation and control of heat treatment equipment. 
6. Accessory system: the roller hearth type natural gas heat treatment furnace equipment advanced, the automation degree and the control precision are very high, uses the clean natural gas energy source to have no impurity nearly, has avoided the magazine and the work piece to have the chemical reaction; A condition that affects the quality of a work piece.
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