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YIRAN natural gas high-temperature car-mounted furnace equipment, all fiber structure, model complete, advanced program, affordable, desulfurization and denitrification.
YIRAN natural gas high temperature car furnace is mainly used for annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering, heating, surface quenching, welding and stress relief annealing for large carbon steel and alloy steel parts. High temperature trolley furnace can be oriented design according to user's technological requirements. It has the advantages of heating temperature up to 1300 ℃, good sealing, large furnace loading, uniform temperature, convenient maintenance, good energy saving effect, low temperature rise of furnace shell, etc. The features of high temperature gas stoves are as follows: 
1. The effect of energy saving is good: the lining of YIRAN high temperature whole fiber hearth furnace adopts high alumina refractory fiber, which has less thermal conductivity and heat capacity than refractory brick, so the thickness of refractory layer is small, and the heat absorption is greatly reduced. 
2. The high-temperature car-mounted furnace adopts high-speed temperature-adjusting burner system, which has large injection speed up to 100m / s, can effectively stir the furnace gas, and the furnace temperature is uniform, and the burner system burns completely, so that the fuel can be fully utilized. Adopting furnace pressure zero control and full sealing technology, the maximum joint surface is at zero furnace pressure, the furnace gas does not leak out, the cold air does not seep in, so that the heat energy produced by combustion can be used effectively. The use of two cars in and out of rotation, the effective removal of empty furnace energy waste, energy saving effect is very obvious; 
3. High degree of automation: the furnace door and the furnace car are all electrically operated, and the operator can easily control the operation of the furnace door and the furnace car because of the operation console. Furnace door, furnace car has stroke control, to limit the limit position can automatically stop operation, to ensure safety; 
4. The combustion system has a complete set of ignition, large and small fire operation, detection, flameout alarm, flameout cut off and re-ignition functions, and each burner has an independent control box, can achieve separate control. The interface of each control box can be connected with the temperature controller between the instruments, so that the whole system can be controlled automatically. 
5. The pipeline parameters are controlled automatically, the pressure of the air and fuel in the pipeline can be set and adjusted automatically, so that the quantity of the air and fuel can be controlled in the best ratio, so that the combustion efficiency can be reached and the black smoke can be eliminated. 
6. The temperature control in the furnace adopts the advanced intelligent digital display temperature controller, which is composed of the closed loop control with the temperature measuring element and the automatic burner, which has high precision, high flexibility, anti-interference and high reliability. The temperature control system can automatically calculate, operate, display and store the heat treatment process curve, and realize the whole process control.
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