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YIRAN natural gas medium-temperature car furnace equipment, energy-saving, advanced technology, complete specifications, can be matched denitrification.
YIRAN medium-temperature hearth furnace is an energy-saving and environment-friendly car-hearth furnace with unique energy-saving structure. The general working temperature is between 650C and 950C. Mainly used in die steel ingots, castings, low chromium parts, rollers, flanges, automotive parts, ductile iron and other products heat treatment. Features of medium temperature gas stoves: 
1. Furnace lining: the natural gas hearth furnace lining adopts the whole fiber structure, which can save energy by 30% or so compared with the traditional furnace type. 
2. The trolley walks smoothly, the furnace door rises and falls stably, no sticking, and the operation is simple; 
3. The furnace body and the furnace door adopt the soft sealing mode, the sealing property is good, the gas consumption is low, the operation cost is low, and the forging quality is improved; 
4, PLC intelligent control, can precisely control the temperature between 650C ~ 950C, the temperature control is accurate, to ensure that the product process temperature curve; 
5. Medium temperature trolley type heat treatment furnace has long service life and is easy to maintain.
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