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YIRAN natural gas trolley annealing furnace, all fiber lining, complete specifications and models, reasonable technical scheme, optional denitrification equipment.
The YIRAN natural gas car-type annealing furnace adopts super energy saving structure, whole fiber furnace structure and clean energy natural gas as the energy source. The trolley annealing heat treatment furnace is hauled by winch, the furnace chamber is laid with refractory bricks, and the tram is used as the movable bottom furnace. The furnace has good heat preservation effect and rapid temperature rising, which is beneficial to increase the heat efficiency of the furnace and reduce the smoke and dust free and labor intensity. The working environment has been greatly improved. Car-type annealing furnace is widely used in: steel plants, special steel, mechanical processing, chemical machinery, heavy industry, metallurgical smelting, casting, forging, flanged ring, steel components, wire drawing, environmental protection equipment, mechanical equipment, loaders, The heat treatment workshop of diesel engine, military industry and so on is used for heating. 
The YIRAN car-type annealing furnace is composed of furnace body, trolley, combustion device, pipeline in front of the furnace, temperature measuring system, etc., and its shape is generally box-shaped rectangular, also can be made into a square, and can be customized mobile trolley. Can also be customized furnace body mobile trolley annealing furnace, trolley, furnace door electric control; the furnace body is made of all fiber aluminum silicate silk blanket made of modules to build the furnace body, the furnace body using lightweight insulation brick and heavy refractory brick masonry. The heating energy is natural gas which is clean and environmental protection. The shell of the furnace body is made of steel plate and section steel. The furnace door and trolley adopt mechanical transmission. The specific configuration is customized according to customers' and process requirements. Car-type natural gas annealing furnace according to the furnace temperature has high-temperature trolley type annealing furnace, medium-temperature trolley type annealing furnace, low temperature trolley type annealing furnace; 
The main results are as follows: 1. The maximum service temperature of the high temperature trolley annealing furnace is about 1200 ℃. 
2. The maximum temperature of the medium temperature trolley annealing furnace is within 950 ℃; 
3. The low temperature trolley annealing furnace can be used to remove gravity annealing, steel components, pressure vessels and so on when the temperature is less than 700 ℃.
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