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Double door and double chamber forging heating furnace
YIRAN natural gas double-door double-chamber forging furnace, compact structure, complete specifications, reasonable technology, low price, denitrification equipment.
YIRAN double-door double-chamber forging furnace is a new type of energy-saving and environment-friendly furnace developed and improved on the basis of wall regenerative forging furnace. It is of great significance to improve the working environment, reduce the production cost and increase economic benefits. Characteristics of forging heating furnace with two doors and two chambers. 
The main results are as follows: 1. The furnace adopts the structure of double chamber forging heating furnace, which reduces the occupation of space. 
2. Adopting double chamber structure, the furnace body is divided into preheating type and heating chamber, so that a part of the workpiece can be heated directly in the heating chamber, and another part of the workpiece can absorb the waste heat of the flue gas in the preheating type, so as to reduce the temperature of the flue gas out of the furnace; Improve the furnace thermal efficiency, so that energy consumption reduced by 30, 50% or more, such as billet needs a longer preheating time, heating speed, quality, heating large steel pieces and alloy steel effect is better. 
3. Adopting compound lining and enclosing steel plate to make the outer layer of the furnace body have good heat preservation, good sealing property of the furnace body, reducing heat dissipation of the furnace body, low temperature of the shell, remarkable heat preservation performance, and having certain effect on prolonging the life of the furnace body; 
4. The top of the furnace adopts the structure of hanging on the flat top, which reduces the side thrust of hanging upside down and lowers the space of the combustion chamber, which is beneficial to the direct heat transfer of the smoke to the billet and saves the consumption of the fuel. 
5. The furnace door adopts the independent lift type furnace door, the electric drive, outside the furnace door is attached with the pressure device, the opening and closing is nimble, the thermal insulation performance is good; 
6. Adopting the way of exhaust smoke, the air flow in the furnace from the heating room to the preheating room, into the flue, and then discharged from the chimney through the heat exchanger, with adjustable gate, which can effectively control the pressure and temperature of the furnace chamber; 
7. YIRAN wall regenerative combustion technology and exhaust gas waste heat recovery technology are adopted, which play a significant role in supporting combustion and reducing energy consumption. 
8, equipped with thermal detection instrument, PLC intelligent control furnace temperature. 
Economy of two-chamber forging furnace: 
The main results are as follows: 1. The productivity of the furnace has been increased, and the productivity has been greatly increased, which can ensure the mass production of the forgings. 
2. The cost of the product is reduced. Compared with the single chamber forging furnace, the natural gas forging furnace with two doors and two chambers has lower ton consumption and lower production cost. 
3. Fast heating and high thermal efficiency: YIRAN natural gas double-door double-chamber forging furnace has higher thermal efficiency and faster heating rate than single-chamber forging furnace; 
4. The natural gas double-door and double-chamber forging furnace is completely burned, which not only benefits and improves the combustion efficiency, but also improves the environmental protection of the batch forging furnace in the initial stage of ignition.
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