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YIRAN natural gas full-fiber car furnace, advanced technology, complete model, reasonable price, can be matching denitrification equipment.
The YIRAN all fiber hearth furnace is an energy saving periodic trolley type heat treatment furnace. The lining adopts the whole fiber super energy saving structure, and the energy saving is more than 60% relative to the brick type furnace. YIRAN all fiber hearth furnace adopts high quality and long fiber carpets as raw materials. It can be made into various types of natural gas hearth furnaces according to class output and process requirements. The furnace is mainly used for quenching, annealing, aging and heat treatment of forgings, castings, rollers, large welding parts, flanges, etc. 
The main results are as follows: 1. Using natural gas as medium and regenerative burner as medium, the maximum temperature of full-fiber natural gas boiler can reach about 1200 ℃. 
2. The frame of furnace body is welded by steel plate and section steel, the sealing plate of outer shell is colored steel plate, the lining of furnace is made of high aluminum whole fiber refractory wire swinging blanket, the effect of energy saving of sealing is obvious; 
3. The frame of the trolley is composed of all kinds of large-sized I-beam, channel steel, angle steel and rear steel plate, etc. 
4. The driving wheel is adopted in the trolley drive, the drive is reliable, the transmission system adopts three-in-one motor-reducer installation mode as the shaft mounting type, the structure is compact, the assembly is firm, the entrance and exit is flexible, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient; 
5. The car firebrick adopts the structure of high aluminum-shaped brick, which has good sealing effect with the furnace body and high crushing strength. 
6. Abutment plate is used for stacking workpieces, cast parts are used for car-top plate, and no deformation and durability of car-body are obtained. 
7. The sealing of furnace car and furnace lining adopts the automatic pressing structure of refractory fibre seal block, the opening and closing of side seal and the in and out of furnace car interlock; 
8. The furnace door is made up of high aluminum all-fiber refractory wire swinging blanket and section steel frame structure, electric hoist is lifted and lowered, the furnace door sealing mechanism is made up of long-short lever spring type automatic pressing cam mechanism and soft edge sealing device; Frictionless, easy, safe and reliable. 
9. High-speed regenerative burner with uniform distribution on both sides and continuous proportional adjustment of combustion. The actuator adjusts the size of the air volume, through the proportional valve to adjust the size of the gas volume to achieve air-fuel proportional combustion, gas and air volume has a lower limit, each burner gas pipe is equipped with a control solenoid valve, each burner is equipped with a combustion controller. With automatic ignition, flame detection, fire alarm automatic gas, to ensure the full stability of the combustion temperature control system, security. 
10. PLC intelligent control system consists of upper computer system, temperature system, combustion control system, pressure automatic control system, fault alarm system, power control system and cooling control system. The temperature control mode adopts a closed loop automatic control system composed of upper computer, PLC, intelligent combustion controller and high speed pulsating burner, and automatically controls the temperature in the furnace according to the requirement of heat treatment process curve. 
11. The height of furnace pressure has a great influence on the operating effect of the furnace. When the furnace pressure is high, the gas will wash out of the sealing gap of the furnace body, which will have a great influence on the pressure of the furnace door and bottom sealed by fiber material, and the pressure at the bottom of the furnace will be greatly influenced by the high pressure of the furnace. The high temperature air flow will also affect the furnace body and the control devices, while the cold air will be inhaled from the sealing gap when the furnace pressure is lowered, which will not only increase the oxidation of the workpiece, but also cause the high temperature in the furnace to be rapidly pumped out by negative pressure, resulting in fuel waste. Full-fiber trolley furnace point control electrically regulated flue gas valve to keep furnace pressure at low pressure the furnace adopts zonal furnace temperature control with two thermocouples in each zone to measure the temperature into a multi-point recorder and to record the furnace temperature in a centralized manner. The temperature of the furnace is controlled by two thermocouples in each zone. The temperature of the furnace is measured by a multi-point recorder. 
When the furnace door is not reached, the trolley will lock in and out, and the trolley will lock in and out when the seal of the trolley is not opened.
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