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YIRAN natural gas spheroidizing annealing furnace, high nodulizing quality, advanced program, complete specifications, optional denitrification equipment.
The spheroidizing annealing process of YIRAN natural gas spheroidizing annealing furnace can condense the layered or reticulated carbides inside the steel into spheroids, and improve the machinability and workability. . . When quenched, austenite particles are not easy to grow up, the deformation and cracking tendency of the workpiece are small during cooling, and some hypoeutectoid steels which need to improve cold plastic deformation can also be treated by spheroidizing annealing. 
YIRAN spheroidizing natural gas annealing furnace consists of three types: continuous spheroidizing annealing process, isothermal spheroidizing annealing process and periodic spheroidizing process: 
1. YIRAN continuous natural gas spheroidizing annealing furnace: after holding for a certain period of time at a temperature slightly higher than that of steel at Ac1, the furnace is cooled slowly to 650C and then controlled to room temperature. . 
. Isothermal spheroidizing annealing process is also a long time, generally 10-16 hours. 
. Rapid cooling to below Ar1 isothermal time, this process repeated n times, followed by slow cooling to 650C followed by air cooling to room temperature. One cycle spheroidizing annealing is similar to isothermal spheroidizing annealing. The periodic spheroidizing annealing process is suitable for bearing steel, its spheroidizing effect is sufficient, but the control is frequent, so it is seldom used in industry in the past.
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