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YIRAN natural gas high temperature hot blast stove equipment, long life, advanced technology, high efficiency of energy conservation and environmental protection.
The hot air temperature of YIRAN gas high temperature hot blast stove can reach about 1200 ℃, and the life of the furnace body is long; the flue gas temperature in and out of the regenerative chamber is increased, and the air supply time is shortened. Regenerative combustion system and flue gas waste heat recovery technology can make use of waste gas heat and tubular heat exchanger to preheat natural gas and combustion-supporting air to 300 ℃, so that the exhaust gas temperature at the outlet of the heat exchanger can be reduced to 150 ℃. 
Not only the flue gas temperature of high temperature hot blast furnace is low, but also the lattice brick used in regenerative chamber has poor thermal performance, long air supply and combustion time, which leads to low heating capacity, huge structure and expensive investment of blast furnace hot stove. therefore. The air supply time of the modern hot air stove should be shortened from the past 60~90min to 30 ~ 45 min. Under certain conditions of heating air volume and air temperature, the heat storage capacity of the regenerative chamber can be reduced by half: using small aperture (φ 30mm) suitable for the operation system and equivalent thickness. 26mm, stable structure block porous lattice brick, the heating area of unit lattice brick is 48m ~ 2 / m ~ 3, which makes full use of the volume of regenerative chamber and strengthens the heat exchange capacity of regenerative chamber. At the same time, it reduces the capital investment of natural gas hot-blast stove. YIRAN high temperature hot blast stove can be divided into two types: regenerative high temperature hot blast stove and heat exchange high temperature hot blast stove. 
1. Regenerative high temperature hot blast stove: 
The regenerative high temperature hot blast stove adopts the lattice brick or the heat storage ball inside to heat the lattice brick or the heat storage ball, after heating, the lattice brick or the heat storage ball is heated, then the fresh cold air is blown back, the cold air is changed into the high temperature hot air, and the high temperature hot air is used. When heating the regenerator in another hot air stove, the advantages of the regenerative hot air stove are high heat exchange temperature and high heat utilization rate. Disadvantages: large volume, large area, gas stove hot air temperature instability, switching mechanism, prone to problems, heat storage body life is short, high maintenance costs, the acquisition cost is very high. 
2. Heat-Exchanger High-Temperature Hot-blast stove. 
Heat exchange type high temperature hot blast stove, using high temperature heat exchanger as the core part, this part can not use metal heat exchanger, can only use high temperature ceramic heat exchanger, coke oven gas is fully burned in the combustion chamber, the hot air after combustion. Through the heat exchanger, the heat is exchanged to fresh cold air, so that the temperature of fresh air can reach more than 1000 degrees. The advantages of heat exchange hot air stove: high heat exchange temperature, high heat utilization rate, small volume, stable hot air temperature, no switching mechanism, long life, high maintenance cost, low acquisition cost. Disadvantages: the heat transfer temperature is not as high as the regenerative type, and it is not widely used.
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