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Hot blast stove
Gas-fired hot blast stove
YIRAN natural gas hot stove equipment, flexible selection, simple structure, heating stability, PLC intelligent control and other characteristics, advanced technology.
YIRAN gas hot blast furnace has the characteristics of flexible burner selection, simple structure, flexible distribution, stable heating, adjustable internal circulation valve air supply, PLC intelligent 2 control and so on. It is widely used in cement, chemical, metallurgical and other industries such as drying, roasting, smelting and so on. High efficiency of energy conservation and environmental protection. The technical performance and characteristics of YIRAN gas-fired hot-blast stove are as follows: 
1. Gas-fired hot blast stoves use natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), coke oven gas, producer gas, blast furnace gas and mixed gas, etc. 
2. The gas-fired hot air stove is simple in structure, flexible in arrangement, compact in size, high in automation, simple in operation and reliable in performance; 
3. The gas-fired hot blast stove is mainly composed of the furnace body, the furnace lining, the hot air chamber, the supplementary air valve, the flue pipe, the explosion-proof valve, the burner, and the combustion control system, etc. The inner chamber is the combustion chamber; the outer cavity is provided with spiral vane to form a spiral passage for preheating air duct; A tangential air duct inlet is set at the outlet of the flue gas, and a blower is connected with the air inlet. The air produced by the blower with a certain air pressure and air volume is preheated through the spiral preheating duct and then enters the burner and the inner circulation air supplement valve respectively to form the combustion supporting air and atomized air. The combustion-supporting air enters the auxiliary combustion chamber through the internal circulation air supplement valve installed on the end face of the gas furnace. By adjusting the internal circulation air supplement valve, the combustion air quantity can be adjusted, and the fuel amount and the combustion air quantity can be accurately matched. In the combustor, the atomized air and fuel are mixed in two steps, and the atomized air and fuel are fully mixed and ignited in the burner. After the cone flame is formed, it is injected into the furnace chamber for full combustion, and produces 850-1000 ℃ steady hot flue gas, which is then sent out through the flue pipe after secondary air cooling in the hot air stove and hot flue gas reaching the required temperature. Using their own heat to heat the air, Reduce the loss of heat, but also play a role in cooling the furnace, low energy consumption, low production costs; 
4.The heat supply is stable, the heat supply capacity is adjustable, the flue gas pipeline is equipped with the air supplement valve, and the air temperature of the heat supply is adjustable. The secondary air enters the burner through the interlayer spiral channel inside and outside the furnace shell, which has a certain cooling effect on the furnace body, prolongs the life of the furnace lining, reduces the heat dissipation loss, and makes the combustion of the low-calorific value gas more stable; 
5. The temperature of flue gas can be satisfied by adjusting the air supplement valve on the flue gas pipeline. The valve on the flue gas pipe can shut off the smoke pipe when the furnace is stopped or overhauled. The explosion-proof valve can automatically discharge the furnace pressure when the furnace pressure is too high, prevent the explosion accident, protect the furnace, and effectively reduce the damage to the furnace body. The combustion control system of gas hot blast stove is mainly composed of pressure gauge, manual gate valve, filter, pressure reducing valve, pressure stabilizing valve, gas safety solenoid valve, Flowmeter (optional), gas intelligent proportional regulating valve, pneumatic quick cutting valve and manual adjusting valve. Section valve, ignition solenoid valve and other parts of the composition. The proportional control technology of automatic adjustment of gas and air volume can fully burn fuel, save energy, improve environment, and save energy and environmental protection. 
6. The hot air is heated by negative pressure flow, the air is supplied by adjustable inner circulation valve, and the combustible gas in the furnace is kept very little, which ensures the safety of ignition and the reliability of operation. 
7. Thermal and power control has remote control, on-site intervention and on-site control, central control display for users to choose, can well meet the needs of a variety of working conditions, widely used in cement, chemical, metallurgical and other industries drying, roasting, smelting and so on.
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