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YIRAN natural gas metal heat treatment furnace equipment, energy saving and environmental protection, flexible operation, high efficiency, long life and so on.
The YIRAN natural gas metal heat treatment furnace is mainly used for heat treatment of various metal workpieces. It has simple structure design, flexible operation, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, no pollution and large production output. The heating quality is high, the heating speed can be adjusted, the quality is excellent, the service life is long and so on. Metal heat treatment is one of the important processes in mechanical manufacturing. Heat treatment generally does not change the shape of the workpiece and the chemical composition of the whole, but by changing the internal microstructure of the workpiece, or changing the chemical composition of the surface of the workpiece. Endow or improve the serviceability of a work piece. In order to make the metal parts have the required mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties, in addition to the rational selection of materials and a variety of forming processes, heat treatment process is often essential. 
YIRAN natural gas metal heat treatment furnace equipment has prominent advantages, with the following advantages: 
The main results are as follows: 1. The pipeline structure of metal natural gas heat treatment furnace occupies less than half of that of traditional flame furnace and gas furnace, and the complete set of stainless steel continuous annealing furnace is strong, which can save a lot of auxiliary equipment investment. 
2. The metal heat treatment furnace has many styles and high power, the heating temperature of the workpiece is even, the quality is good, the finished product rate of the workpiece is high; 
3. The design of electric centralized control system, which can realize unmanned operation, and is more convenient for daily maintenance. 
4, the structure design is reasonable, the workmanship, chooses the material craftily, the equipment quality is excellent, the component all uses the well-known brand. The metal heat treatment is a kind of technological method that the metal work piece is heated in a certain medium to a suitable temperature and kept in this temperature for a certain time and then cooled at different speeds. 
The furnace type of natural gas metal heat treatment furnace should be determined according to different technological requirements and types of workpieces: 
1. For those that can not be produced in batches, the size of workpiece is not equal and there are many kinds of workpieces, the box furnace can be used for the general purpose and multipurpose of the technology. 
2. Heating long shaft and long screw, pipe and other workpieces, you can choose a deep well furnace. 
3. Small batch of Carburizing parts, can choose the well type gas Carburizing furnace. 
4. For a large number of automotive, tractor gears and other parts of the production options for continuous Carburizing production line or box-type multi-purpose furnace. 
5. It is better to use rolling furnace and roller hearth furnace when heating the blanks of stamping parts in mass production. 
6. For batches of stereotyped parts, push rod type or conveyor belt resistance furnace (push rod furnace or casting belt furnace) can be used in production. 
7. Small mechanical parts such as screws, nuts and so on can choose vibrating bottom furnace or mesh belt furnace. 
8. The steel ball and the roller heat treatment may choose the inside spiral revolving tube furnace. 
9. In the mass production of non-ferrous metal ingots, push-rod furnace can be used, and air circulation furnace can be used for small parts and materials of non-ferrous metal.
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