YIRAN production of natural gas industrial furnace, desulfurization and denitrification project!
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Gas heat treatment furnace
High temperature heat treatment furnace
YIRAN natural gas high temperature heat treatment furnace equipment, the heating quality is high, may form a complete set denitrification.
The YIRAN natural gas high temperature heat treatment furnace is mainly composed of the furnace body of the high temperature heat treatment furnace, the lifting mechanism of the furnace door and the furnace door, the traction mechanism of the trolley and trolley, the sealing mechanism of the trolley, the regenerative combustion chamber, and the automatic control device, etc. 
High temperature Heat treatment Furnace body. 
The furnace body of high temperature heat treatment furnace is made of steel structure made of section steel welded with steel plate and furnace lining made of high temperature refractory fiber needled blanket. The furnace steel structure has higher rigidity and strength, which ensures the furnace to be used for a long time; the furnace body should not only bear the high temperature load, but also have enough heat strength and less heat loss, because the furnace lining adopts the compound structure of refractory fiber needle-punched blanket; Therefore, the heat storage and heat dissipation are very small, the furnace heating speed is fast, the whole furnace body is easy to install and reliable to use, and the life can be more than 3 years. 
High temperature heat treatment furnace trolley and trolley traction mechanism. 
The YIRAN high temperature gas heat treatment furnace trolley adopts the frame made of section steel welded and the side frame fixed on the frame with heat resistant cast iron castings and bolts. The inner lining of the trolley is made of high alumina brick, light clay brick and diatomite brick. The trolley has good resistance to high temperature strength and oxidation resistance, stable structure and resistance to cold and heat. Through the engagement between the blunt gear and the pin-rack, the rotary motion of the motor is transformed into the linear motion, so that the trolley can move forward and backward. The mechanism is simple and safe, the traction capacity is large, and the operation is stable and reliable. 
III. PLC automatic control device. 
The PLC automatic control system of high temperature heat treatment furnace has high control precision and strong anti-interference ability. It can work in bad environment. It is easy to operate, convenient and intuitively, and can be used in the status of trolley and furnace door. Intelligent temperature control instrument, can set the process curve, directly control the temperature of the furnace, g configuration RS422 communication interface, data input to the computer and host computer to achieve data communication and adjust the crystal thyristor power regulator actuator components. The control precision is high, and the integration of control and management can be realized. The industrial control computer can display the position and state of the furnace door and trolley. The lifting of the furnace door and the moving of the trolley are controlled by the control frame in front of the furnace, and the interlocking device is arranged. The furnace door is made of welded frame made of section steel and steel plate. The frame is lined with refractory fiber needling blanket. The frame is light and insulated, and the side of the furnace door frame is installed with adjustable sealing strip made of refractory fiber needling blanket. In addition, the spring self-locking device on the furnace door ensures the good air tightness of the furnace and reduces the heat loss. The furnace door is lifted by electric winch structure, which is convenient for installation and maintenance. 
Car sealing mechanism. 
The traditional sealing structure of sand seal has been changed in high temperature heat treatment furnace. Soft fire resistant fiber needled blanket is used as sealing material to be added to the tank body. When the trolley enters the furnace, the cylinder is used as the power. The connecting rod raises the sealing groove through the rotating shaft, and the fire resistant fiber needling blanket in the groove is pressed on the sealing knife of the trolley and the furnace body, which is simple in structure, reliable in use and good in sealing performance. 
Regenerative combustion system. 
The YIRAN natural gas high temperature heat treatment furnace adopts regenerative combustion system, pulse combustion mode and flue gas waste heat recovery device, which makes full use of exhaust gas waste heat to preheat combustion-supporting air, low exhaust gas temperature, high heat energy conversion rate, low energy consumption, safe and reliable.
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