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Aluminum alloy quenching furnace
YIRAN natural gas aluminum quenching furnace equipment, advanced program, complete specifications, low price. Energy saving, optional denitrification.
YIRAN aluminum alloy quenching furnace is mainly composed of quenching furnace body, hoisting mechanism, charging trolley, movable quenching water tank and quenching material rack, temperature action control and so on. The furnace body is supported by the support made of section steel, and the bottom of the furnace door car is electrically operated. The two tracks are installed on both sides of the support at the bottom of the furnace body, and the furnace door car can move forward, backward and upward along the track. In the production of aluminum alloy quenching heat treatment furnace body, the cart is pushed directly below the furnace body, the furnace door is opened, the chain and the hook are put down and the basket is hung into the furnace chamber, and the furnace door is closed and heated. When quenching, open the furnace door, lay down the chain, and quench the workpiece into water. The outer shell frame of aluminum alloy quenching furnace body is made of section steel, the inner wall is made of heat resistant steel plate, the inner lining is made of high quality whole fiber structure, and a layer of rubber asbestos board is attached to the inner surface of the furnace shell, which plays the role of heat insulation and protects the surface of the furnace shell from corrosion. The heating element is wound with alloy wire to form a ribbon, which is sheathed on the insulating porcelain tube and fixed on the furnace shell by stainless steel. This kind of structural resistance belt is hung around the furnace chamber for the benefit of heat emission and circulation. Aluminum alloy quenching furnace has the following characteristics: 
1: aluminum alloy natural gas quenching furnace quenching, extrusion products can be uniform and rapid heating; 
2: the material can be put into the quenching pool for the shortest time; 
(3) the bending and twisting of the extruded products caused by self-weight and heating can be avoided, and the shape of the products can be maintained; 
4: the mechanical properties of the extruded products after quenching are uniform. 
5: temperature uniformity: the realization of the temperature uniformity required by the users is guaranteed by the associated design of the circulating fan, the guiding cover plate, the furnace structure, the distribution of the electric heating power, the arrangement of the electric heating elements, the control mode and process, and the structure of the furnace door, etc. 
Advanced mechanical system: the advanced nature of the system is guaranteed by the design, the selection and quality of components, and the quality of processing and manufacturing. The mechanical system runs smoothly and reliably, and the equipment works in a low noise and vibration state. 
7: perfect control system: it can realize accurate temperature control at 100,650 ℃, the system is stable and reliable, the operation is simple, the human error operation is avoided, and the functions are complete, etc. 
8: quenching transfer time fast, adjustable: furnace bottom open door, double speed lifting mechanism, advanced mechanical system, making the quenching transfer fast, reliable, the time can be adjusted according to user process requirements.
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