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YIRAN natural gas high temperature net-belt heat treatment furnace temperature uniformity, PLC intelligent control furnace temperature and furnace pressure.
YIRAN high temperature mesh belt heat treatment furnace is a kind of heat treatment furnace with continuous mesh belt drive in controlled atmosphere. It is an advanced controlled atmosphere heat treatment furnace. The structure of the furnace is compact and the layout is reasonable. It skillfully synthesizes the characteristics of the conventional hearth furnace, roller hearth furnace and conveyor belt furnace. The mesh belt moves forward to bring the workpiece placed on the mesh belt into the furnace. Due to the smooth motion of the mesh belt, the work piece is not impacted as the vibrating bottom furnace in the heating state, and the heat treatment furnace is closed and the temperature is even. Therefore, the furnace temperature of the mesh belt furnace is uniform, the air tightness is good, the air consumption is small, and the energy consumption is low. It is easy to get high carbon potential in the mesh belt furnace, and it can be adjusted accurately. 
The working temperature of YIRAN high temperature mesh-belt heat treatment furnace can reach 1200 ℃. It is suitable for mass production of small parts. The technological parameters can be easily adjusted, and the heat treatment can be carried out by inserting small batch or single-piece parts in the middle of the process. It can also be brazed, sintered, etc. Such as martensitic stainless steel surgical instruments, instrument parts quenching, high chromium tool steel, high speed tool steel, high temperature alloy, heat resistant steel parts solution treatment and precipitation hardening steel solution treatment and high temperature modulation treatment; Brazing of cemented carbide tools, steel and steel assemblies; sintering of powder metallurgy parts, etc. The YIRAN high temperature mesh belt heat treatment furnace is composed of heating furnace body, heat treatment furnace, cooling section, mesh belt and mesh belt driving mechanism. 
1. The furnace body is of Haff type structure, the furnace lining is made of high alumina foam brick and aluminosilicate fiberboard, clean natural gas is used as fuel, regenerative combustion mode and flue gas waste heat recovery technology are adopted, and the efficiency of energy saving and environmental protection is high. 
2 。. The water-cooled sleeve in the cooling section and around the ring is welded with stainless steel plate, and the membrane box type soft connection is adopted between the cooling section and the furnace body of the heating furnace. The interface adjacent to the exhaust pipe is provided with a rubber membrane stopper, which is directly inserted into the position contacted with the mesh belt to prevent a large amount of air from entering the gap at the door of the discharging furnace, and the softness of the stopper does not prevent the cooling part from moving through the mesh belt. 
3. There is a furnace door in the inlet and outlet respectively, the opening height of the door can be adjusted, PLC intelligently controls the distribution ratio of the gas flow to the heating zone and the cooling section, when the handle is in the middle position, the gas quantity in the direction of the two ends is equal; The handle is completely inverted to the direction of the feed port, the gas all flows to the heating zone; the handle is completely inverted to the direction of the material outlet, and the gas all flows to the cooling section.
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