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YIRAN natural gas bar continuous heating furnace, advanced technology, energy saving, affordable, can be matching denitrification equipment.
YIRAN regenerative continuous reheating furnace adopts modular structure, and PLC intelligently controls furnace temperature and pressure, which is controlled by a separate power supply module so as to be more flexible and efficient. YIRAN continuous reheating furnace reduces the estimation of heating process menu and improves the efficiency of continuous heating of bar. The temperature uniformity of regenerative combustion system assisted by flue gas waste heat recovery furnace is good, the heat energy conversion rate is high, and the output is high. YIRAN continuous reheating furnace has the following advantages: 
1. High energy saving: the energy saving of YIRAN continuous regenerative heating furnace is 40% and 60% more than that of traditional heating furnace. 
2. High quality: controlled by intelligent system, the aluminum bar is heated at constant temperature and equably, and the effect of semi-homogenization is achieved. 
3, high control: can accurately control the actual temperature of the aluminum bar, so there will never be a rod not cooked, or the bar bubble; 
4. High intelligence: the system is controlled by PLC touch screen, and the memory of aluminum bar material, heating time and heating temperature is automatic. 
5. Saving the site: the furnace body is a cylindrical body with a diameter of 3m, and the position can be placed at will; 
6. Save labor: fully automatic operation of the inlet and outlet of the rod until it reaches the feed port of the extruder. 
Characteristics of regenerative continuous bar reheating furnace. 
1. Rated temperature 1200 ℃, exhaust gas temperature ≤ 80 ℃, natural gas energy consumption 45-60 Nm 3 / t, energy consumption is low and pollution-free; 
2.PLC control system, automatic in and out of the material, convenient with forging machine tool or manipulator matching use, improve labor productivity; 
3. Heating uniformity, furnace temperature uniformity ≤ ±10 ℃; 
4. Quick heating speed, 30-50 minutes of furnace opening, less oxidation decarburization, burning loss rate less than 0.5%, saving material and prolonging the service life of die; 
5. New regenerative design, modular furnace body, compact structure, easy maintenance.
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