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YIRAN natural gas low-temperature car furnace equipment, PLC intelligent temperature control, complete specifications, reasonable technology, affordable, denitrification.
YIRAN low temperature hearth furnace adopts a new type, energy-saving and environment-friendly natural gas hearth furnace with light-weight refractory brick and refractory fiber. Generally, the forging temperature is below 650C, and the parameters such as furnace size and loading capacity can be flexibly customized according to the actual demand. The main steel castings, liners, high chromium balls, automotive parts and other products used for low temperature heat treatment, but also applicable to chemical, powder metallurgy, precision casting and other industries products drying, roasting. YIRAN low temperature hearth furnace adopts super energy saving structure, which has the advantages of good safety, good energy saving effect, good temperature uniformity and so on. Features of low temperature car-mounted furnace: 
The main results are as follows: 1. The YIRAN low temperature all-fiber hearth furnace has the characteristics of high performance, automation, simple operation and easy to learn by introducing foreign advanced technology into European and American industrial furnaces. 
2. Wall regenerative combustion technology with high heating efficiency and high utilization rate of natural gas energy; 
3. The regenerative burner realizes dispersive combustion, and the furnace temperature is even and stable. 
4. PLC intelligent control, which can realize accurate temperature control; 
5. Touch screen integrated control, medium temperature interface, simple operation; 
6. YIRAN low temperature car-mounted furnace has good tightness and soft seal. 
7. Safety protection device: the overtemperature controller is used to monitor the upper limit temperature of the furnace, when the temperature is overheated, the power supply will be automatically cut off; when the furnace door is supported, the output will be disconnected and shut off.
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