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YIRAN natural gas continuous mesh belt quenching furnace equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, high production efficiency.
The YIRAN continuous mesh belt quenching furnace is mainly suitable for the modulation and Carburizing quenching of fasteners with many varieties, large quantities and flexible process changes. Because of the atmosphere protection, the defects such as surface decarburization, hardness irregularity, soft spot and crack of all kinds of fasteners after quenching are obviously reduced, and the mechanical properties and service properties of fasteners are improved. YIRAN continuous mesh belt quenching furnace is mainly composed of charging machine, furnace carbon removal, furnace gas control and so on. 
1. Feeding machine: at the front of the feeding end of the continuous mesh belt furnace production line, the continuous mesh belt quenching heat treatment furnace can provide tape feeder, tipper feeder and stair feeder according to user's requirements. 
The main results are as follows: (1) the magnetic tape feeder is especially suitable for the heat treatment of small fasteners. When the workpiece to be processed enters the hopper of the feeder and starts the production line, the workpiece can be produced automatically in sequence until the whole process of heat treatment is completed. The work piece falls into the bottom of the hopper and the lower part of the conveyer belt of the feeder by mechanical vibration of the hopper through the vibrating motor, and after being lifted to a predetermined height by the tape feeder, the workpiece enters the front cleaning machine; 
(2) the mechanical conveying system is driven by the motor through the turbine reducer, chain, sprocket shaft to drive the rubber conveyer belt, under the rubber conveyer belt divides the strip block to distribute the magnet, the conveyer belt conveys the rhythm to control automatically, the frequency conversion adjusts the speed. The key point of maintenance is that the rubber conveyor belt is easy to be punctured by the sharp part of the fastener, and attention should be paid to prevent the hardness sundries such as rust from damaging the rubber parts, and to remove them at any time in order to prevent damage to the magnet below; 
(3) rubber conveyer belt: when overhauling and replacing, be sure to fix the rotating shaft to prevent the danger of sliding, check every shift, adjust the conveyer belt at any time when necessary, make it moderate and elastic, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the conveyer belt. 
2. Carbon removal in furnace: carbon black may be produced in the furnace after continuous use of the quenching furnace with mesh belt, which is scattered on the surface of the workpiece and inside the furnace, and it generally takes two weeks to shut down the furnace to remove carbon. Carbon black is easily produced in the quenching process of continuous mesh belt quenching furnace, which affects the normal production. If not regularly cleaned and dredged, it is likely that production will have to be stopped due to carbon black blockage in the production, and incomplete carbon removal in the furnace will result in: 
(1) the oxygen probe is unable to measure the atmosphere in the furnace, which affects the quality of heat treatment, accelerates the carbon deposition, and damages the oxygen probe and the components in the furnace; 
(2) because the carbon deposit is too much, the carbon wraps outside the protection tube, affects the heat body protection tube, causes the heat to walk out, causes the protection tube and the heat body to rise early to damage; 
(3) the temperature measurement of thermocouple is incorrect because of carbon deposition, which makes the heater emit more heat energy than needed, which leads to the damage of the heater and the poor quality of the heat treatment; 
(4) because the agitation fan accumulates the carbon too much, causes the sloshing, even the fan shaft deforms but the jam does not move, when is serious, even stirs the electric motor to also be able to burn out; 
(5) the roller is jammed or deformed when rotating, which will cause the roller to break when it is serious; 
(6) the net band becomes brittle or deformed. 
3. Furnace gas control: when the furnace temperature of the continuous mesh belt quenching furnace rises to 800 ℃, the protective gas source, such as methanol and nitrogen-methanol, can be passed into the furnace and the gas quantity can be adjusted. When the atmosphere in the furnace is formed and reaches positive pressure, it is possible to observe the flame escaping and burning from the fire curtain from the furnace mouth. After about 15 minutes, start the exhaust fan and open the valve opening to improve the stability of the furnace atmosphere and ignite the exhaust gas to make it burn. After the furnace temperature rises to the set process temperature, start the carbon potential controller, adjust the amount of methanol, input enrichment agent, and gradually promote the furnace gas carbon potential to reach the set value.
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