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YIRAN natural gas mesh belt heating furnace equipment, energy saving and environmental protection, advanced technology, can be out of stock equipment.
YIRAN mesh belt heating furnace is mainly used for continuous bright quenching, cleaning, tempering, thin layer infiltration, nitriding and other heat treatment processes on steel products such as hardware tools, bearings, standard parts and textile parts under controlled atmosphere. The treated parts have the characteristics of smooth surface, no decarbonization, uniform hardness, no deformation, easy adjustment of process parameters and high efficiency of energy saving and environmental protection. 
Structural characteristics of reheating furnace with mesh belt: 
1. The reheating furnace mainly consists of fuselage transmission system, cleaning tank, temperature control device and so on. It can clean the oil stain on the surface of the work piece. After the cleaning, it can be dried by large amount of cold air and heated, so that the work piece is in a dry state before tempering. 
2. The driving mode of the mesh-belt heating furnace is to drive the mesh-belt with the help of the grid-belt furnace bottom support plate, and the net-belt is arranged on the support plate smoothly; 
3. The reheating furnace is equipped with the circulating fan. Under the action of strong air, the temperature of the reheating furnace is uniform through the hot air circulation duct, which can meet the technological requirements of the workpieces. 
3. The support plate is supported by the high temperature porcelain ball in the arc groove of the furnace pot, and is combined with a group of rollers, pressure wheels and driving mechanism in front of the furnace to form a forward and backward system. The support plate is driven by an eccentric wheel. When the support plate moves forward, friction with the net belt drives the net belt forward. In order to prevent the net belt big talk, the movement speed is even; 
4. The mesh belt is shifted to the blanking port, and the return passage is sealed by the liquid sealing slot to return to the furnace for circulation movement. 
5. The workpiece is placed on the net belt and heated by the furnace relatively statically and smoothly. The heating work piece is controlled by the stepless speed adjusting net belt, and the heated work piece is automatically fed into the quenching oil tank through the blanking port with the net belt. The cooling time of the workpiece in the oil tank can be adjusted to change the speed of the lifting belt, and the large or small workpiece can be adjusted to raise the speed of the forgotten belt to complete the quenching process. 
6. Net belt heat treatment furnace uses natural gas as fuel, adopts regenerative combustion mode to realize dispersive combustion, the technology of waste heat recovery of flue gas, low exhaust gas temperature, low energy consumption, high energy saving and environmental protection efficiency; 
7. The structure distribution is reasonable and the equipment maintenance, installation and replacement are convenient.
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