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YIRAN natural gas quenching and tempering furnace, continuous heating, PLC intelligent control, high efficiency, high performance-price ratio, advanced technology.
The YIRAN quenching and tempering furnace can heat the workpieces by quenching and tempering. The complete production line adopts PLC control touch screen to display and operate conveniently, and has continuous heating on line for the heating, heat preservation, quenching cooling and tempering of the workpieces. High degree of automation and other advantages. Mine and engineering machinery heat treatment and tempering production line, YIRAN heat treatment and tempering production line adopting three roll straightening and quenching all adopt natural gas regenerative combustion heating, workpiece running speed, heating temperature and heating efficiency are controlled by PLC centrally. The closed loop control system can be formed to realize the functions of recording, archiving, inquiring and printing of all production data. 
The quenching and tempering furnace is mainly composed of regenerative combustion system, flue gas recovery system, automatic feeding device, pressing roller rapid discharging device, infrared temperature measuring device and central console. Through the matching of different inductors, the anchor chain steel can be heated, heated and radiated, the axial temperature difference can meet the technological requirements, and the heat preservation can be realized, and the temperature of each bar can be recorded automatically. 
YIRAN quenching and tempering furnace is mainly used for melting, casting, forging and heat treatment. It has large capacity and heats the workpiece as a whole. The advantage of quenching machine is professional quenching, single piece machining, workpieces can be partially quenched. Quenching-tempering furnace produced by YIRAN is widely used in shipbuilding, automobile, chemical industry, electric power, construction, machinery, petroleum and bridge industries. It uses precise inductor and PLC to control quenching temperature intelligently.
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