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YIRAN natural gas regenerative forging furnace equipment, energy saving 40, 60% specifications model variety, technical scheme science, denitrification, affordable.
YIRAN regenerative forging furnace adopts independent regenerative chamber or regenerative burner, and can use flue gas temperature drop air and natural gas for preheating furnace, which saves energy by 40,60% compared with traditional natural gas forging furnace. The regenerative forging furnace is mainly composed of furnace body, regenerative furnace, reversing system, fuel, air supply and smoke exhaust system. The recovery of the waste heat in the regenerator makes the furnace temperature more uniform. The uniform furnace temperature greatly improves the heating quality of the forgings, and the qualified rate of the products is greatly increased. The gas consumption of YIRAN regenerative forging furnace is low. When the preheating temperature of combustion-supporting air is up to 800 ℃, the amount of NOx produced in regenerative high temperature air combustion furnace is greatly reduced. The regenerative combustion mode is dispersive combustion in relative anoxic state, and the content of NOx in flue gas is low, which is beneficial to the protection of the environment. The regenerative low oxygen combustion can not only reduce the oxidation loss of the heated metal, but also increase the radiation intensity of the flame, strengthen the radiation heat transfer, and increase the yield of the forgings of the regenerative natural gas furnace. The regenerative reheating furnace adopts advanced regenerative combustion technology and has the following characteristics: 
1. The temperature efficiency of regenerator is high, the temperature difference between high temperature air and flue gas is about 100 ℃, the temperature efficiency is 95%, the heat recovery rate is about 80%, the furnace efficiency is high; 
2. The exhaust gas temperature is low, the unique furnace structure reduces the exhaust gas temperature to about 100 ℃, the pulse regenerative combustion technology realizes the dispersion combustion, reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides, and the advanced technology realizes the full combustion of the gas. The emission of CO is greatly reduced, which is superior to the environmental protection standard. 
3. High efficiency and low oxidation loss of regenerative natural gas forging furnace: high temperature and low oxygen combustion technology can avoid the malpractice of temperature difference in each area of furnace caused by excessive concentration of high temperature flame, and the oxidation burn loss of forgings is small; 
4. The energy saving effect is remarkable: the heat recovery rate of the regenerative combustion is greatly increased, and the energy saving effect is obvious, and the energy saving efficiency can reach 40 ~ 50%. 
5. Strong applicability: the regenerative combustion system has good uniformity of furnace temperature, small fluctuation of furnace temperature, no excessive concentration of high temperature zone and flame erosion on workpieces, so it has wide application range and stable and reliable operation. Has the very good economic efficiency and the social benefit; 
6. The construction investment is relatively low and the payback period is short: the investment of the new regenerative industrial furnace is basically the same as that of the new traditional combustion industrial furnace; the heating quality of the regenerative industrial furnace is improved, the oxidation burning loss is reduced, and the product is increased; You can get your money back faster.
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