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YIRAN walking furnace equipment, can heat large slab, heating flexibility, high degree of automation, furnace temperature uniformity, low energy consumption.

The mechanized operation mode of Shandong YIRAN walking furnace can increase the capacity and output of the furnace. It has the advantages of good heating quality, flexible thermal control and operation, good working environment and so on. The length of the furnace is not limited by the length of push steel, and the production efficiency is high. YIRAN walking reheating furnace adopts walking bed refractory bottom or water cooling walking beam mode, which can be used for high temperature heating. The walking reheating furnace is suitable for heating the slab, billet, tube billet and even ingot of alloy steel before rolling. The bottom of walking reheating furnace is composed of movable part and fixed part. According to its structure, there are three types of reheating furnace: walking beam type, stepping bottom type and walking beam bottom combined type. Advantages of YIRAN Walking Furnace: 

The main results are as follows: 1. The walking forging furnace can reheat large slab, profiled billet and small and thin billet which are difficult to be heated by ordinary heating furnace. 

2. The heating of workpiece is flexible and adaptable. In the case of a certain furnace length, the number of charging in the furnace can be changed by changing the distance between the steel materials, so as to meet the needs of the mill output and the change of steel grades. By adjusting the step cycle, the heating time of the steel in the furnace can be changed, so as to meet the needs of different steel grades and different heating speeds. 

3. The quality of heating is better and the temperature of steel is more uniform. Because there is a certain distance between the steel materials in the stepper furnace, the heated area of the steel material is increased, and the temperature difference of the section of the steel material is reduced. In addition, because the movement of the steel material depends on the movement of the bottom of the furnace and does not slide directly on the bottom of the furnace, there will be no scratch on the lower surface of the billet. 

4. The length of furnace is not limited by the ratio of pushing steel, which can avoid the accidents of arch steel and sticking steel in the process of production, and can increase the length of furnace and the productivity of furnace. The bottom strength of large walking reheating furnace can reach 800~1000kg/ (m2 / h). 

5. The YIRAN walking reheating furnace is flexible and convenient, the steel material can be exited from the furnace according to the technological needs, so as to avoid the steel material stopping in the furnace for a long time and causing oxidation and decarbonization, and also can make the steel material step not before the furnace. In order to meet the needs of rolling mill changes in output. 

6. The walking reheating furnace can accurately calculate and control the heating speed and heating time of the steel material in the furnace, which is propitious to realize the automation of the whole heating process. 

7. High degree of automation of walking reheating furnace: adopting full automatic control, furnace temperature control adopting double cross limiting control with dynamic limiting band, realizing the second and third level automatic control; 

8. The walking reheating furnace is equipped with perfect heat automatic control system to ensure strict air-gas ratio and reasonable furnace pressure control, which can effectively reduce the heat loss and fuel consumption

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