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Annealing furnace
Stainless steel tube annealing furnace
YIRAN natural gas stainless steel tube annealing furnace, can be used for stainless steel pipe, seamless steel tube, tube blank, high frequency welded steel pipe annealing treatment.
YIRAN stainless steel tube annealing furnace equipment can eliminate the internal structure defects of stainless steel pipe material, uniformly refine the microstructure and composition, improve the plasticity and toughness of stainless steel pipe, and improve the machinability of stainless steel pipe. The stainless steel annealing furnace is mainly composed of automatic feeding system, stainless steel pipe conveying roller table, annealing heat treatment zone, regenerative combustion system, stainless steel pipe output system, etc. It can be used for the annealing treatment of stainless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, tube blank, high frequency welded steel pipe and so on whose diameter is larger than 15mm. YIRAN stainless steel tube annealing furnace has the following advantages: 
1. High annealing quality, low energy consumption of flue gas waste heat recovery, stable equipment quality, high degree of automation, simple operation and easy maintenance. 
2. PLC digital intelligent control of stainless steel tube annealing heat treatment furnace, Seiko visual design of regenerative combustion system and flue gas waste heat recovery system are highly integrated and strive for perfection. 
3. Complete safety and security measures, safe and reliable, low equipment failure rate, simple maintenance; 
4. Uniform furnace temperature, high stability, high annealing quality of stainless steel pipe. 
5. The conveying system is controlled by independent frequency converter, and the running speed is controlled by sections, so the speed difference output can be designed flexibly. 
The brightness of stainless steel tube annealing furnace determines the quality of the product. Whether the stainless steel tube is bright or not is mainly affected by the following factors: 
1. Protective air pressure. Protection pressure is very important, this is mainly to prevent micro-leakage of a protective measure, generally speaking, the protection pressure is usually used hydrogen, its pressure is required to be more than 20kBar, stainless steel tube annealing furnace should work away from water. The furnace body of the steel tube annealing furnace must be kept dry, and the steel pipe should not have moisture in the process of heating to destroy the atmosphere. 
2. Annealing temperature. Stainless steel heat treatment is generally adopted solution heat treatment, its temperature requirements are 1040 ℃, 1120 ℃; 
3. Tightness: stainless steel tube annealing furnace has good tightness and is isolated from the outside air. Check with soap water can be wiped in the annealing furnace each joint seams to see whether the gas escape; 
4, annealing atmosphere: generally use pure hydrogen as annealing atmosphere, the purity of the atmosphere is 99.99 @ above, if the other part of the atmosphere is inert gas, the purity can also be low, but can not contain too much oxygen, water vapor. 
5. Protection gas pressure, in order to prevent micro-leakage, the furnace protection gas pressure to maintain a certain positive pressure, if hydrogen protection gas;
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