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Annealing furnace
Rebar annealing furnace
YIRAN natural gas rebar annealing furnace equipment, the workpiece deformation, low energy consumption, oxidation consumption is small, annealing quality is high.

YIRAN rebar annealing furnace is suitable for the heat treatment of steel bar, rebar, etc. It has the advantages of small deformation of the heated workpiece, high utilization of heat energy, low energy consumption, fast heating speed, oxidation and decarbonization on the workpiece surface, and high annealing quality. YIRAN rebar annealing furnace can be used for the following purposes: rebar annealing furnace can be used for rebar steel leaf spring, copper tube, steel pipe such as heating, bending forming; standard parts, fasteners diathermy molding; hardware tools diathermy, such as pliers. Diathermy forming of spanner, etc.; hot extrusion of taper shank of prospecting drill rod, brazing steel, drill tool; hot charging of automobile rear axle, motor rotor, bearing, etc.; rebar natural gas annealing furnace can be used for heating of bullet bar fastener, spikes, etc. Of official equipment. Hot riveting of fan impeller, hot rolling of steel pipe, hot rolling of twist drill. Thread steel seam welding heat shaping.

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