YIRAN production of natural gas industrial furnace, desulfurization and denitrification project!
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YIRAN natural gas round steel forging furnace equipment, the furnace temperature even fluctuation is small, the specification is complete, the plan technology, may denitrification.
YIRAN natural gas round steel forging furnace PLC precise control of furnace temperature and pressure, furnace temperature uniformity, temperature range is small, less oxidation decarbonization, billet is not prone to distortion and other characteristics. The technology of regenerative heating furnace is adopted in the reheating furnace of round steel forging. The equipment includes: charging bench, steel dividing machine, removing device, roller table in front of the furnace, two lifting baffles, weighing device, charging furnace door, cantilever roller table for charging in the furnace, aligning and pushing steel machine, bottom machinery, discharging furnace door and discharging material in the furnace. Cantilever roller table, fan, etc. YIRAN round steel forging furnace can be widely used in: 
1. Forging heating of round steel; 
2. Diathermic forging field, hot upsetting of standard parts, etc.; 
3. Hot upsetting of high strength bolts and nuts, hot upsetting of U-shaped bolts, etc. 
4. Diathermy forging of automobile and motorcycle parts and all kinds of common parts which need diathermy forging; 
5. Bending of heating coil of automobile leaf spring and diathermy forging of round steel workpiece.
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