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Production of heat treatment furnace for trolley in Fujian P
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YIRAN Fujian Province trolley heat treatment furnace put into operation, low energy consumption, safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection.

Jinjiang Yangjun mechanical forging professional forging auto parts and other types of forgings, has more than 20 years of rich forging experience, 30, 000 tons per year design and production of forged steel pieces, with 400T.630T.1000T.1600T.2500T.8000T friction press, 400T.1600T (2 sets) mechanical press, 450., 1000 ring rolling machine, With its supporting a number of air hammer, a total of 9 production lines. The YIRAN20 platform type heat treatment furnace is the Shandong YIRAN environmental protection according to the Yang Jun mechanical forging production craft customization heat treatment furnace, the shift output may amount to 20 tons. The double car normalizing furnace can improve the toughness of the forgings, and can quickly heat the forgings to austenite temperature, so that the forgings can be cooled in the atmosphere after heat preservation homogenization. The strength of the forgings can be improved after heat treatment by high temperature hearth furnace, so that the toughness of the forgings can not be reduced, and the weldability of the forgings can be improved. 

1. The YIRAN burner has the function of automatic monitoring, protection and alarm. It can realize the control of ignition program and ensure the safety of ignition. 

2. Automatic measurement, display and alarm of air preheating temperature and flue gas emission thermometer. In addition, there is no cold air pipe in the flue. 

(3) all parts of the furnace are safe and interlocking, and the electric bell alarm is set in the operation of the furnace door and the trolley; 

4. All electrical equipment is equipped with safety earthing device; 

5. Luya automatic control has digital reality, overpressure alarm device and so on. 

6. The top of the furnace shall be equipped with safety facilities and measures for ensuring safe production, such as fences, escalators, etc.


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