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YIRAN run Snow Marathon
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YIRAN long-distance running enthusiasts run snow lake fully demonstrated the YIRAN self-improvement, vibrant and profound style.

On May 27, 2017, the half-marathon running activity in Shandong Province started passionately on the banks of Laiwu Snow Field Lake. More than 1,000 long distance runners from home and abroad took part in the race. "Tour Shandong" awakened the vitality of Shandong's cities, self-improvement of the humanistic spirit, a healthy way of life, in the joy of running around Shandong to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Shandong YIRAN environmental protection long-distance running enthusiasts run snow lakeside, enjoy the beautiful scenery in early summer. 

The snow field half marathon is to the YIRAN environmental protection representative athlete's physical quality and the spirit style big review, has displayed the YIRAN person to improve oneself unceasingly, the vigor and vitality spirit style fully. Laiwu Xueye Lake scenery is beautiful, the mountain has the water, the water looks the mountain, the landscape one body, the Xueye Lake is a pearl in the Luzhong area. 

Shandong YIRAN environmental protection main types of forging furnace, heat treatment furnace, high temperature car furnace, rolling furnace and other types of industrial furnace. We YIRAN people will be more full of enthusiasm, more intimate service to each and every customer.

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