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Zhejiang customers sign up for five Natural Gas Chamber forg
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YIRAN signed five sets of natural gas chamber forging furnace equipment, wall regenerative, automatic temperature regulation, pollution-free.

Zhejiang customers on the new 1600T oil press production line, the procurement of YIRAN environmental protection five natural gas chamber forging furnace. The YIRAN natural gas chamber forging heating furnace adopts wall heat storage type, flue gas waste heat recovery and pulse dispersion combustion technology, which has the advantages of low heat loss, high heating efficiency, wide fuel range and good control of temperature uniformity in the process of use. It can also effectively control the destruction of furnace body caused by furnace pressure and the damage of temperature to furnace body in the process of heat preservation, thus prolonging the life of furnace body. 

The YIRAN natural gas chamber forging furnace is a newly developed energy-saving furnace. The natural gas can be fully burned in proportion, has no pollution, can automatically adjust temperature, and has a high calorific value. Compared with the electric furnace, the natural gas heating furnace can save 30,50% of energy consumption and has remarkable energy-saving effect.

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