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Hubei Huangshi double car Heat treatment Furnace
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YIRAN Hubei Province Huangshi double lathe die steel trolley heat treatment furnace, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

YIRAN environmental protection Hubei Huangshi double car die steel trolley heat treatment furnace project was successfully completed, the project side in the company of YIRAN environmental protection boss Liu, project leader Han Zong, acceptance of double car die steel trolley heat treatment furnace. This paper discusses the heat treatment technology of advanced die steel. 

Brief introduction of YIRAN environmental protection double trolley die steel car-type heat treatment furnace project. 

YIRAN environmental protection 80 tons double trolley steel trolley gas heat treatment furnace adopts the YIRAN environmental protection regenerative combustion system, the flue gas waste heat recovery technology, may recover and utilize the exhaust smoke waste heat, simultaneously reduces the NOx emission greatly. The heat recovery rate in the flue gas can reach 70,80%, which fully improves the utilization rate of natural gas energy, thus reducing the consumption per ton of natural gas and saving energy and protecting the environment. 

YIRAN environmental protection Yellowstone 80 tons double trolley die steel trolley heat treatment furnace, using high temperature trolley furnace technology, with high heat utilization rate, rapid heating; pollution-free, can effectively improve the surrounding environment to create good labor conditions; temperature easy to control; compact structure, The utility model has the advantages of convenient operation and maintenance, beautiful appearance and small floor space.

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