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What are the characteristics of regenerative combustion syst
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Shandong Yiran environmental regenerative combustion features high preheating temperature, low energy consumption, high heating quality, small oxidation loss, reliable operation and so on.
Shandong YIRAN Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. specializes in producing all kinds of forging furnaces, gas-fired car furnaces and gas-fired heat treatment furnaces. It adopts regenerative combustion technology, which has the advantages of high preheating temperature, low energy consumption, high heating quality and low oxidation loss. The utility model has the advantages of superior performance, stable operation, practicality and reliability, etc. 

The main results are as follows: 1. The double preheating temperature of air and gas can be above 1000 ℃ by regenerative combustion technology, and the discharging temperature of regenerative flue gas is less than 1000 ℃. The waste heat of flue gas can be used effectively and the consumption of natural gas fuel can be reduced. 

2. Adopt the combined upper-down regenerative burner, the gas nozzle is close to the billet, the gas flow is flat, the combustion stream forms the gas ladle billet in the furnace, the surface of the billet is weak reducing atmosphere, and the oxidation loss is reduced. 

3. According to the development of regenerative combustion technology in our country, combined with the actual situation on the spot, this design scheme adopts combined directional valve to disperse and commutate. The valve has the advantages of superior sealing performance, stable, practical and reliable operation, and small maintenance and repair amount of the equipment. The service life can reach more than 1 million times. 

4. After the regenerative combustion technology is adopted, the burner works in pairs. When the burner on one side works, the other burner exhausts smoke and accumulates heat, and the air flows transversely in the furnace, so the temperature in the width direction of the furnace is uniform. 

5. The bottom strength of the reheating furnace is large. Considering the characteristics of the reheating furnace, the burner capacity should be reasonably configured, especially the heating capacity of the burner in the preheating section should be increased, and the reasonable and economical air, coal and flue gas flow rates should be selected, and the blower should be used. Reasonable selection of smoke exhaust machine to ensure the furnace pressure stability. 

6. Pulse combustion control is used in thermal control. The furnace temperature is controlled by adding proper compensation signals to the pulse combustion control to improve the response speed of the system to meet the needs of the rapid change of the furnace.

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