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What is the main performance of the gas boiler?
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Performance of YIRAN gas-fired hearth furnace the furnace temperature is uniform, the energy consumption is low, and the equipment is safe and reliable.

The main performance of Shandong YIRAN gas boiler is temperature control with PLC intelligent program temperature controller, temperature uniformity and stability, furnace temperature precision < ±10 ℃, regenerative combustion system, low energy consumption, high heat energy conversion rate, low labor intensity, safety and reliability. 

The main contents are as follows: 1) the gas boiler adopts intelligent program temperature controller, PLC parameter self-tuning, solid state relay power adjustment, non-contact connection and reliable performance, and selects domestic and foreign electric control elements to optimize the reliability of the electric control part of the curing furnace. 

2) in the range of process and temperature, the natural gas boiler can realize the function of automatic exhaust with timing and rest (selected according to the user's requirements). 

3) the paper recorder, print record or paperless recorder can be selected to monitor the whole process and analyze the drying and curing results. 

4) according to the different arrangement of the baked products, the gas stoves use reasonable hot air circulation mode (vertical air supply by top heating, horizontal air supply by bottom heating, vertical air supply by side heating, etc.) to make the temperature in the workshop more uniform; Coil drying, curing effect is better. 

5) there is an independent over-temperature alarm system in the gas-fired hearth, which can cut off the heating power and send out sound and light alarm when the temperature is abnormal. 

6) Natural gas regenerative combustion system is used to heat the gas-fired hearth furnace, which has the advantages of oxidation resistance, stable performance and long service life. 

7) for laying track at the bottom of gas trolley furnace, manual drive, blunt rack drive, roll drive and towed trolley drive can be selected according to the different weight of drying products, and other driving modes of trolley are not the same as those of manual drive, blunt rack drive, roller drive and towing trolley drive. 

8) according to the user's field use, it can be controlled nearby, and several curing furnaces can also be equipped with computer distributed control system, which can realize the setting of temperature control program and the recording of temperature curve of many curing furnaces. Simple operation, convenient, reliable control.

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