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What are the main uses of gas-fired hot blast stoves?
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Gas hot air stove uses transformer iron core, spray-painted electric cabinet and parts drying, rare earth drying, casting sand mold drying, motor drying and so on.

YIRAN gas hot blast stove belongs to energy saving natural gas hot blast stove for industrial scale production. It is mainly used for transformer iron core, coil drying, painting electric cabinet and parts drying, rare earth drying, foundry sand mold drying, motor drying and so on. Adopt the way of trolley in and out of material, suitable for automatic in and out of large quantities of workpieces. 

In the production of dry-type transformer, the preheating of iron core, the pre-drying of coil, the drying of coil paint and resin curing are very important in the production of natural gas hot-blast furnace, which directly affect the quality of transformer. Therefore, the temperature uniformity of the curing furnace and the reliability of the control system are required to be very high. YIRAN series gas hot blast stove has many advantages such as good temperature uniformity, various flexible air supply methods, mature and reliable control system, beautiful appearance and so on, which has been widely used.

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