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Code for safe operation of gas-fired hot-blast stoves
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In order to ensure the safety of production, the gas hot-blast stove should be produced and processed in strict accordance with the safety operation rules.
In order to ensure the safety of production, the safety and health of production personnel, and to prevent the occurrence of fire and explosion accidents of gas, this regulation is specially formulated in the process of production and use of gas-fired hot-blast stove. This code is applicable to generators, water gas ovens, blast furnaces, coke ovens, converters, etc. and natural gas stoves of pressure less than or equal to 12 × 105Pa in the factory area of an industrial enterprise. This code must be carried out in respect of safety. We should also abide by the relevant standards, procedures and norms in force in our country. 
1. The personnel on duty in the operation of natural gas hot blast stoves must stick to their posts and must not leave their posts without leave. 
2, non-staff, prohibited to enter, non-post personnel prohibited to start, shut down equipment or open and close valves. 
3. The gas hot blast furnace should pay attention to the pressure and temperature changes of each part, not exceed the prescribed value, be responsible for the regulation of the regulating valve to ensure the safety and normal production, and the furnace temperature of this project should be controlled between 850 ℃ and 1000 ℃. Furnace pressure is between-100Pa and-200. 
4. When igniting the burner of gas hot blast stove, it is strictly forbidden to stand at the explosion proof valve, the furnace door and other empty places, so as to avoid the accident of injury to people. 
5. The duty officer is responsible for the recording of pressure and flow. 
6. Smoking is prohibited in the workshop of gas-fired hot blast stoves. 
7. Ensure good ventilation in the workshop of gas-fired hot air stove. 
8. Carry out gas hot air stove succession in accordance with the safety status of the equipment in accordance with the shift system. 
9. Always check whether the gas pipe and valve of the gas hot blast stove are leaking. If leakage is found, shut down the machine in time and deal with the leakage point to ensure that there is no hidden danger before starting the machine. 
10. When the inner and outer pipes of gas hot blast stove workshop need to be welded electrically, they must be applied for and approved before they can be carried out. 
11. When overhauling, should spread rubber mat on the ground, put some butter on movable wrench. It is forbidden to hit the pipe with the hammer head. 
12. Responsible for the gas hot stove operating equipment anchor bolts, connectors fastening and running equipment lubrication inspection work, if abnormal phenomenon occurs, should be handled in a timely manner. 
13. Gas hot blast stove equipment operation, strictly prohibited in the rotation of refueling, cleaning, scrubbing other parts to prevent the sleeve, wool, clothes corner, sundries involved in causing accidents. 
14. In the gas leak serious indoor, if wants to carry on the inspection, must wear the protective mask, and should have a guardian only then to carry on the work. 
15. Gas facilities should be inspected daily, quarterly and annually. Check the equipment corrosion, pipe wall thickness, support elevation once a year, and keep the inspection record for reference. 
16. The concentration of carbon monoxide in the vicinity of gas furnace must be determined regularly, and the concentration of carbon monoxide in the working environment should be ≤ 30mg/m. 
17. When the gas stove is normally burning, the furnace door should be closed, and the furnace door must not be opened at will, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents. 
18. In order to prevent the human body static electricity induction to the electrical appliance interior module device to illuminate the damage, in does not take the anti-static electricity measure, does not use the hand to touch the internal electric circuit. 
19. When the instrument cabinet is not in use, the general power switch should be cut off in time. 
20. Electrical equipment inspection and repair, should cut off the power supply, hang up "No closing" card can be carried out maintenance. 
The safety operation rules must be strictly abided by in order to reduce hidden dangers and put an end to safety accidents when gas stoves are ignited and stopped or flameout.

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